Las Vegas/San Franciso 2012 - The Trump Hotel

by - 9/08/2012

Kevin and I decided to go to Last Vegas and San Francisco for our birthdays a couple of years ago (we are eight days apart). Kevin is a huge fan of Vegas, and I have always wanted to go to San Francisco, so we split up a one week trip and did both places. We went to Vegas first, I think because the flights were cheaper. 

I've been to Vegas like, 10 times in my lifetime. I'm not the hugest fan of the place, I would definitely pick somewhere else over there. But I admit that I had fun. Maybe it had something to do with the company. :P 

We stayed at the Trump hotel because the rates were DIRT cheap. I had booked my room using, and when I checked in, they couldn't find my reservation. They asked me how I booked it, and when I told them, they said that they have been having a lot of trouble with lately. They were finally able to find my reservation after about 15 minutes, and then when I gave them my credit card, the machine wasn't working. The girl swiped my card about five times before she managed to get it to work. For all the trouble I had at check in, they upgraded us from the suite that I booked into a much more spacious suite!

The lobby
This place was like a condo. It had two full baths, a full kitchen, and one master bedroom with the hugest bathroom I've ever seen. 

Second bathroom

Huge mirror!
A TV in the mirror!

Shower with two heads

The only thing I didn't like about the hotel is that there was no casino downstairs. The hotel is also at the end of the strip and far away from the hotels that you might want to visit, but luckily there is a free shuttle that will take you from the Trump to the Caesar Hotel. If you want to do gambling, don't stay at this hotel. If you want great customer service and an awesome spa, stay at this hotel. 

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