San Francisco - The Stratford

by - 9/11/2012

Kevin and I arrived at SFO and caught the BART to our hotel, which was located near it in Union Square. 

Daly City, out the window.

Our hotel, The Stratford. 

I did not pick this hotel for luxury, I picked it solely on location alone. I knew that it was going to be a small room, but Kevin apparently didn't know this. He was shocked with how small it was, and frankly, I was too. The room was about the size of a dorm room, maybe smaller. But it wasn't a huge deal to me, because we weren't going to be in the room very long anyway, and we were only in San Francisco for about three days. When we arrived, the elevator was broken. So the guy at the front desk lugged our suitcases up the stairs to the fourth floor. Kind of him, but Kevin grabbed one of the suitcases from him to lessen the load. We appreciated the effort!

This is about all the room we had. And the bathroom was tiny too.

Kevin is not impressed.
I have no regrets about this hotel, and I would probably stay here again. San Francisco is not a cheap city to visit, and hotels are expensive. We didn't rent a car either, so we needed to be somewhere near public transportation. If you are looking for a hotel in a good location and you don't care about size, stay at The Stratford Hotel. Just don't ask Kevin what he thinks about it. lol

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