by - 9/09/2012

Our first night in Las Vegas, Kevin and I popped into the Palazzo, next to The Venitian, looking for some food. The first place we saw was Carnevino, which I knew was owned by Mario Batalli. I had always wanted to try his food, so we opted to eat here. We didn't realize how expensive it was, but we decided to go for it anyway. Carnevino is mainly a steakhouse, but they also have things like pastas, which is what we opted for. 

Just to give you an idea about the prices of this place, check out the bottle of alcohol of some sort for TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

We got some complimentary bread, which came with homemade butter and lardo! Lardo is AMAZING! I had always seen it on TV and wanted to try it, and I'm glad I got to. Pig fat is delicious! 

We ordered some antipasto. I really wanted the iberico ham, but it was way too expensive. We opted for prosciutto and melon, which Kevin had never had before. He really enjoyed it, but found the prosciutto to salty on its own.

I ordered the lamb ragu, which was the BEST pasta I have ever had, hands down. The pasta was  handmade. I don't even know what kind it was, but they were thick, short noodles, and cooked perfectly aldente. The flavor was amazing. Not gamey at all. 

Kevin had this, which I forget the name. But it had cheese inside, and was in a spicy roasted pepper tomato sauce. 

I had myself a peach bellini (another thing I have always wanted to try). It was potent.

When dinner was done, Kevin got some cannoli, and I got a tiramisu.

Our first night in Vegas was delicious.

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