Gallagher's Steakhouse

by - 9/10/2012

My favorite place to eat in Las Vegas is at Gallagher's Steakhouse. It is the same branch as the one in New York City, and they have really delicious steaks that they age. You can see them aging right in the window of the restaurant.

Kevin had never eaten here before and had never heard of it. He said that he's had some pretty good steaks in his time, and he was skeptical about how good these steaks were. But I made a believer out of him by the time we walked out of the restaurant!

Wedge salad, classic.

Kevin's steak

My steak
When I got my steak and cut into it, I discovered it was medium well, and not medium rare like I asked. It was pretty noisy in the restaurant, so I thought my waiter must have heard wrong. I was really sad, and I guess it showed on my face because Kevin said I looked like I was about to cry. He told me to tell the waiter, but I felt bad potentially wasting an entire steak. Kevin called him over anyway, and he replaced my steak promptly, and even gave me another side that I had put on top of my steak before I got a new one. 

Kevin's eyes rolled up into the back of his head when he took his first bite of the steak, and I captured that magical moment. lol I also want to point out that potato in front of him. The thing that looks like a loaf of bread. Yeah, that's a potato. It was massive. We did not finish it. 


The waiter brought us a lighted dessert menu when we were done, but there was absolutely no room for any more food. The steaks were delicious as always, I defintiely recommend trying this place out next time you are in Las Vegas!

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