September 2017 Beauteque BB Box

by - 11/06/2017

September's BB Box has some intersting items, which seemed to focus mostly on the hair. The theme this month was "Meet the Class," with products to help "prep and pamper your way to your own stress-free paradise."

Total value: $60.95

1 Brush ($10.99)

I feel like that price is pretty steep for a scrub brush for your head. This brush is meant to be used in the shower on shampooed hair. The gentle massaging increases blood flow to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and may prevent hair loss. All you do is use this in small circular motions on your shampooed scalp for several minutes, then rinse while doing circular motions. I've used this tool a couple of times but I feel pretty meh about it. I'll give it more use in the near future. 

Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow ($12.99)

This is a water and smudge-proof brow stain that also tames any flyaway hairs. It's like a stain and brow gel all in one!

It comes in the iconic Peripera dropper packaging, just like the lip tints.

The brush looks like a nail polish brush, but it is recommended that you use your favorite angled eyebrow brush to apply the product. I did not know that and just went balls to the wall with the provided brush, and it came out alright since I like my brows a bit thick. I really wanted this product to work for me, but the color is just too light. If it was a few shades darker, it would have worked well. 

It is a stain, but comes off with makeup remover. It is very smudge proof, and it does keep your brow hairs in place, as it says. I really liked it, I might consider getting it in another color. For now, though, I gave it to a friend. 

Look At Me Mud Face Mask (blueberry) ($4.99)

This mask contains bentonite and kaolin clays to purify pores and absorb excess oil, while blueberry extract and hydrolized collagen nourish and refresh your skin. I got three generous applications out of this little pack, and I like that you can close it up and use it again later. I also like that I can just squeeze it out and not have to stick my fingers in anything (more sanitary that way). I feel like my skin ends up looking brighter and healthier after using this mask and I really like it!

Secret A Pore 3-Step Total Facial Mask ($3.99)

I've used this mask before, but I honestly can't remember if I liked it or not. I haven't used it yet, so I'll keep you posted over on my Instagram (@katallica)!

LG Elastine Deep Moisturizing Shampoo ($14.99)

Damn, this is a pricey shampoo. It "combines LG's elastine hydro-lipid system with honey and avocado extracts to promote healthy, soft hair." I haven't tried this yet since I have a few other shampoos to work through. I'll come back to this. 

Welcos Nature Inside Banana Mayo Hair Pack ($11.99)

Can we talk about this packaging? It's adorable and looks like it belongs in my pantry. Now, banana and mayo are two things that I don't imagine putting together. I was concerned about what this would smell like. It looks like mayo, but smells like bananas. It smells nice, but it kind of weirds me out to have a banana smelling hair product. I dunno, it's just strange to me. That being said, it really does add nice moisture to my hair, especially my drier ends. It's a nice product!

What did you think of September's BB Box? Do you miss getting bags?

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