Riding the Trolly

by - 9/13/2012

The trolly was convenient located right at the bottom of our street. There was a massive line to ride it, and there were many different trollys. It was interesting seeing how they turned around on that platform. My mom said that back in the 60's at least, whoever was riding the trolly would get out and help turn it around. Nowadays, there are people that do it instead. I think that's definitely much safer! 

After purchasing tickets from nearby stands, everyone gets crammed into the trolly. People are practically on top of each other. The man standing in front of me was practically sitting in my lap.

Picture proof right there.

Our conductor
Passing another trolly
The trollys pass right next to each other, and it's actually a little bit terrifying because they are SO CLOSE.

Needs cowbell.
It seemed that every trolly guy had his own distinctive ring. Our guy was rocking out on his bell.

We didn't ride the trolly back because the line down by the water was about 10x longer than the line we were in. So we busted out our handy dandy Metro cards and hopped a street car back to the hotel after we had finished exploring the "beach" and Ghirardelli Chocolate!

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