NYX Liquid Suede Review

by - 10/02/2015

I love matte lipsticks, and I hate lip gloss. I don't usually buy gloss because I don't like how my hair sticks in it if it's a slightly windy day. So I was slightly iffy about getting this product, but I was intrigued because it came in a gloss-like tube and applicator, but it dried matte. Whaaaaat?

This is what NYX had to say about the product: Doll up your lips in plush and vibrant color! Our Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on and sets into a striking matte finish. Velvety soft and waterproof, this long-lasting lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe."

Here are the colors:

How amazingly vibrant are those colors? And so many to choose from! Also, can we just stop for a second and admire how amazing Christina Paraga's  (aka depechegurl) lips are? Ugh. Love them. 

Of course, living on Kauai, it's going to be a very long time until I see these here, if it even makes it here at all. And on top of that, Longs is the only place that I can find NYX products. Not even Walmart or K-Mart carries NYX. Isn't that sad? So I went on the NYX website the day it launched, but of course everything was sold out. So I waited a while, and it was still sold out. Then I remembered Ulta, and ordered these three from there for $7.00 a piece. I initially got three: Vintage, Sway and Sandstorm. But I loved them so much, I got four more (it was a bad day at work, I needed some retail therapy. We've all been there, right?) 

From left to right: Sandstorm, Soft Spoken, Vintage, Kitten Heels, Cherry Skies, Sway and Amethyst 
The applicator is a slanted doe foot, a thin one, so application isn't that hard, and it makes nice clean lines. 

Here are some swatches on my arm:
Top to bottom: Vintage, Soft Spoken, Sandstorm, Cherry Skies, Kitten Heels, Sway, and Amethyst
Cherry Skies
Kitten Heels
Soft Spoken
They're pretty pigmented, one coat goes a long way, and two goes even longer. I find that sway dries the quickest out of these three, as you can see in the swatches. Even on the lips, Sway ends up looking the most matte. Here they are swatched on my lips. This is my fourth attempt at getting decent pictures, and I'm still not happy with them. But here you go. We will have to deal.

I did two coats of each color. But even with just one coat, the color is strong and super pigmented. It takes about five minutes for the lip cream to dry fully, and some dry faster than others. Some also dry more matte than others, too. I found that I had the hardest time with Amethyst, which I found streaky. I heard that some people find that their lips feel really dry with this lip cream, but I didn't get that at all. I usually put down a lip balm before I put any lipsticks, so maybe that's why I didn't get the dry feeling. The product feels creamy, although I found that the reds and Amethyst felt thicker than the rest. Sway felt particularly runny, but was one of the fastest dryers. I found with the light colors you really only needed one coat, and two for the darker colors. 

The staying power is pretty strong with these lip creams. I tested out Vintage, because I figured it would be easiest to see any wear. This is what it looked like after a bowl of ramen and some gyoza:

This is my shockingly impressed face
And this is what it looked like after a sandwich and some beer: 

It didn't really survive the sandwich that well, but there's still color on my lips, so that counts as something. I am impressed that it survived the ramen pretty well. The ONE complaint that I have about this product is that it gets allll over your teeth. Pretty much right after application, each color got all over my teeth. After it dries, it's not so bad, but it is definitely annoying. 

It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I can tell you which one isn't my favorite. I thought Sandstorm would go well with my skin tone, but it really ends up looking nude, and it kind of makes me look like a corpse...So, not a color for me. I really love Soft Spoken, because it's perfect for the office and for the daytime. I absolutely love the reds, all of them, and Vintage is a great fall color. Sway is definitely fun, and I LOVE Amethyst. I thought it would look kind of...costumey? But it really isn't, I can see myself rocking it on a night out. 

So let's break it down: 

Affordable ($7.00 a piece)
Easy to find (as long as you don't live in Hawaii)
Good quality
Nicely pigmented
Feels nice on the lips
Good staying power 
Many, many colors to choose from

Gets all over your teeth
Isn't truly matte

Overall, I really like this product. They're definitely going to be a staple in my purse, that's for sure! I'm really glad I have all of these colors to choose from, and at $7.00, it's really a steal.


One more thing: this lip cream WILL stain your skin. Which I found out when I tried to take it off my arm with a makeup remover wipe. It comes off the lips fine, though. 

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  1. Helpful review, and ur adorbs :)

  2. I guess it's not truly matte because it's suede. It makes me nervous wearing it some days, like it's going to get everywhere. I didn't think those blue shades would've been good, but they look great! Lovely post.


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