Cosmetics on Kauai Series: Beauty Bar Kauai

by - 7/06/2017

If you thought that Macy's was the only place on Kauai that you could find high end cosmetics and skincare, think again!  

Beauty Bar Kauai is located in the Princeville Center on the North Shore of Kauai. It's a small shop, and you might pass right by it if you're not looking carefully. The store name is on the window, but it's difficult to see. The window display, as of this writing, doesn't really show you that this store has cosmetics, in my opinion. It looks a bit more like a surf shop at first glance, displaying bikini bags and Quay sunglasses.

On this inside, there's a variety of local Kauai products, and other Hawaii products. They carry the super popular Leahlani Skincare products, which you can sample (which is great, I wish everyone let you sample products here)! 

They have quite the variety of Leahlani, more than I've seen anywhere else on Kauai, so far. The prices for these products range from $24.00 - $89.00, depending on the product, and depending if it's a set. 

Some local Kauai soap

Beauty Bar carries Jane Iredale cosmetics, which admittedly, is a brand I've never heard of. According to the Beauty Bar website (listed below), the products range from $20.00 - $49.00. Some examples of the prices are: $32.00 for an eyeshadow pot, $49.00 for foundation, $30.00 for a highlighter. To me, these prices seem steep, but then again I don't know this brand. 

If you are a fan of Smashbox, you can find a lot of products here! Foundations, blushes, eye liners, brushes, etc. It's not a Sephora sized selection, but it's a good amount of items. 

There are also some Butter London items, but a much smaller selection, and it seems to be mostly nail polishes (next to the OPI polishes). There are also Ardell brand falsies (which you can buy at CVS), lash adhesive, and assorted brushes and foundation blenders. 

On the more affordable end, they carry The Balm Cosmetics products! There were small eye shadow palettes, a bronzer, two lippies, and some other various products pictured. The lippie was $18.00, and I think the bronzer was $20.00. Pretty standard prices for this brand. 

I was surprised to see that they carried the Cailyn Cosmetics O! Wow brush! The single brush was $42.00 and the double sided brush was $34.00, which is standard pricing for it. So if anyone here on Kauai has been wanting to try a brush foundation applicator like this, you know where to find it! 

Beauty Bar also carries a variety of Tokyo Milk and Lollia by Margot Elena products. The only other place that I've seen here that carries any Margot Elena products is Jane Kauai, who carries their Lollia line. These products would make great gifts because they come in really adorable and fun boxes, and the packaging is adorable. 

There is also a variety of Juice Beauty products. I've heard of this brand, but have never tried any of their products. At least I know if I'm ever curious, I can have my pick here! 

There is also a variety of hair care products here. Again, many of these lines I've never heard of. 

You can find what I believe is handmade jewlery as well, and more local products, like these cute bikini bags and pouches. 

I apologize for not being able to be more detailed. I was with my family and couldn't really dilly dally. I snapped as many pictures as I could, but didn't get to look at prices. The prices that I mentioned in this post are from their website, which I assume is the same prices in store. So, from what I've seen, let's break it down:


Beauty Bar carries the following cosmetic brands (that I saw): 
  • Smashbox
  • Butter London
  • Leahlani Skincare
  • Tokyo Milk
  • Lollia
  • The Balm
  • Jane Iredale
  • Caitlyn Cosmetics
  • Juice Beauty 
For the size of this store, the variety of products is pretty large. There's a lot to choose from in a lot of lines, like Leahlani Skincare, Juice Beauty, Jane Iredale, and Smashbox Cosmetics. I'd like to see a bit more The Balm products, or maybe another more affordable line like that one. 

Ease of Browsing:

The store is small but easy to navigate. If you take your time you'll be able to see most of the products easily, but I can see that store getting pretty cramped on a busy day. There's only one employee (at least when I went), and they will help you if you want to sample something. 

On Trend:

Mmm, it's hard to gauge this one. They carry trendy brands, and a lot of products in those brands, so I suppose in that sense you could consider this place pretty on trend. 


Expensive. But, this is higher end stuff. Higher end skincare, higher end hair care, higher end cosmetics. The prices don't appear to be grossly exaggerated and seem to be pretty much what you'd pay online, so you might as well buy it from Beauty Bar and test out the products while you're at it to make sure you really like it. 


I love that you can sample so many products in here, which is something you can't really do at a drugstore. I love that the products are just there for you to try, and it's not like Macy's where they have testers, but no products in them. I like that I can find some high end brands there that aren't at Macy's, but man, it's far. Beauty Bar Kauai is quite out of the way for anyone that lives any further than Kapaa, but if you're a tourist (or playing tourist), chances are you will find yourself on the North Shore. And if you do, check this place out.

Beauty Bar Kauai
Princeville Center
5-4280 Kuhio Highway, Management Office
Princeville, HI 96722

10:00am-6:00pm Sunday-Thursday
10:00am-8:00pm Friday-Saturday

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