Coit Tower

by - 9/14/2012

Since we didn't have a car in San Francisco, we did a lot of walking. We didn't get a chance to see as much of San Francisco as we wanted to, so we tried to do the things that we thought were nearby. I wanted to see the Palace of Fine Arts, so we jumped on the bus using our Metro passes and tried to find our way there using a mixture of Google Maps and Apple Maps (don't use Apple Maps). We ended up getting completely lost, but we got lost near Coit Tower, so we decided to go there instead as it was getting late. I snapped some pictures during our walk:  

We finally made it to Coit Tower, which was a very hilly, exhausting walk. I felt bad for Kevin, because he was a little bit sick. But the view from the top was really great!

Conveniently, we hopped onto a streetcar that took us back to Market Street, and we walked back to our hotel from there. Gotta love those street cars!

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