This Week's Nails: The Golden Girl's Pastel and Glitz

by - 8/08/2017

Craziness has happened, guys! But first, let's start at the beginning. My current desktop wallpaper is really pretty, and I wanted to put it on my nails:

So, that's exactly what I did. I initially only meant to paint them on my accent nails, but I got carried away and had to go balls to the wall at that point. When I was done, I thought it needed something a little more, so I randomly stuck gold striping tape all over my nails, and posted them to my Instagram, which automatically posts to my Twitter. I also posted them to, which I frequent. I called them Golden Girls inspired nails, and said that it reminded me of wallpaper that the girls might have in their home, and added some striping tape for pizazz. 

Not too long after that, I saw a tweet notification. Popsugar Beauty tweeted my nails on their Twitter, and wrote up a short feature on their website about my nails! 



Here is the feature on my nails. They've tweeted it twice so far. But man, what an awesome feeling! I honestly don't think my nail art is anything that special; there are way better nail artists out there. But, I'm glad that someone thought it was nice enough to post about, and it definitely made my day (or week, who am I kidding?)! 

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