Japan 2015: Osaka or Bust!

by - 6/05/2015

Kevin and I love both Osaka and Tokyo, but like I've mentioned before, if I have to choose, Osaka all the way. So this time we decided just to spend time in Osaka, and really see the city in as much of it's entirety as we could. I also have a lot more fun there because my friends are there as well, so of course that helps make a place even better. This time we did a 10 day trip, which was nine full days in Osaka.

Travel to Osaka took nine hours this time, which is probably the longest time we've ever taken to get there. It was pretty uncomfortable, but we luckily had priority seats by the exit doors. This time, we got some really nice goodies. Instead of just the small plastic bag with ear plugs and a face mask, we got this:

That is some Manuheali'i right there. For those that don't know, that's a local clothing brand that makes aloha wear that real locals wear, not that touristy stuff. Inside the bag was the following: 

Sleep mask with pattern, headphones, pen, bamboo comb, tissues, a small lotion, lip balm, hydrating mist, and the smallest toothbrush and toothpaste I've ever seen. 

100 yen for scale (about the size of a quarter)
I was really pleased with this bag, because the headphones were actually pretty decent. I'm definitely keeping this goodie bag for the next time I fly. The hydrating spray was a nice touch, and I was a big fan of the lip balm. It said unscented, but it really smelled a lot like coconut. 

This was the meal onboard: 

Some sort of chicken, with a salad and small cheesecake. Not bad. 

When we got to Japan it was still light, which allowed me to snap some shots from the airplane. Forgive the color, I did my best post editing!

Ice on the window
The ice on that window was in no way an indication of the weather on the ground. It was quite hot the whole time we were there. Some crappy things about arriving between Spring and Summer: 
1. Trains do not have air conditioning
2. Businesses do not turn on their air conditioner
So when we arrived, the lobby of the hotel did not have the air conditioner on. This went on for a few days, until they finally switched it on. However, the hallways did not have air conditioning, and neither did the area by the elevators. It was pretty stifling. Night time was pretty comfortable though.

So I think for these next Japan posts I might take a different approach. Instead of going day by day, I might just do highlights instead. Not sure, still mulling it over. Stay tuned!

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