Osaka 2015 Day 1: A relaxing day in Amemura

by - 6/12/2015

Nothing much ever happens on the first day. I woke up even earlier than 5:00 a..m. because jet lag. Since we were up so early and we had nothing to do and nothing was open, we ordered some room service.


So, I've always wanted to try this. But I didn't realize how bland it actually was. It was filling, so I guess that was a plus. Kevin opted for the American breakfast, with bacon, hash browns, sausage, and eggs on some muffins. 

We got a selection of breads and pastries, which were amaaaaazing. 

After breakfast, we headed into Amemura, just to walk around and get used to being in Japan again. 

You can actually climb that. No thank you.

Gachapon for days
Some posters in Big Sight
Yogurt fruit frap
We paused at Starbucks to just watch the sights and enjoy our drinks. I had a yogurt frappuccino which was pretty refreshing and light tasting. After that, we met up with our friend Akira and his friend, and had some tasty lunch at a place called Viento (I think).  

Octopus pasta. Tasty. 
Of course I popped into Alice on Wednesday (水曜日のアリス), but that's another post. And that, my friends, was basically our day. I don't even remember what we did for dinner. I think just conbini food. lol 

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