Osaka 2015 day 2: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Cool Japan

by - 6/20/2015

Last year, trying to get into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was an utter disappointment. This year, we weren't about to let the same thing happen. So me and Kevin woke up bright and early and got to USJ at 9:30 a.m., half an hour after it opened. We booked it straight over to HP, but we still needed a timed entry ticket. So, just like last time, we headed over to the ticket machines. Many people were running, so I told Kevin to do the same, and he booked it. I thought he'd be able to get tickets for both of us, but he was only able to get one for himself since he only had his ticket. By the time I strolled on over there leisurely, he was waiting, and yelling at me to choose 10:00 a.m. as my entry time, which I did. So overall we really only needed to wait about 15 minutes. Also, this was a Tuesday, so that helped. 

We got let in a bit early, but had to stand in line anyway. On our way to the park, we were greeted by the Anglia! 

And then the Hogwarts Express!

It was kind of a gloomy day when we went, slightly chilly at first. But then it got really, really humid. 

The very first thing we did was get a butterbeer! The thing that I was most excited about trying. Because it was hot, they had frozen butterbeer! I got that one (in a souvenir glass) and Kevin got a regular one (also in a souvenir glass). It was SO. GOOD. 

It tasted like butterscotch and a cream soda mixed together. Exactly how I imagined it!

We pretty much opted not to do any of the rides because Kevin doesn't do roller coasters, and I can't handle those rides where you are in front of a screen and you get moved around. I know, I know. No rides? Lame! But we were so stoked to just BE there, it didn't really matter to us. We did do the Hogwarts castle walkthrough, which was neat. 

Ravenclaw is losing to EVERYONE!!!

Some of the portraits talked and moved, it was neat! We then popped into Ollivander's Wand Shop. There were wands everywhere, sorted by either character or type of wood.  We didn't get any since we got wands last year. 

We popped into the Three Broomsticks to have a spot of lunch. I opted for the cornish pasties, and Kevin got the shepherds pie. We both got some of the Boar's Head Ale! 

Cornish pasties
Shepherd's pie 
Inside the Three Broomsticks
When we were done with lunch, the sun had come out! Things looked more magical and sparkly, especially the snow on the roofs. 

We got to see the Hogwarts Choir. 

Those bedroom eyes. lol

So, pumpkin juice. I don't know what I was expecting. It tasted exactly like what you would get if you pureed a pumpkin pie. Wasn't a huge fan (even though I like pumpkin pie). 

 I'd say we spent like three or four hours at HP, and then moved on to USJ to check out the Universal Cool Japan attractions. 

The attractions included Monster Hunter, Evangelion, Biohazard, and Attack on Titan! We were mostly stoked for Attack on Titan. The Cool Japan event was supposed to end in May, but because it was so popular, they extended it until the end of June. They have fun themed food! 

Attack on Titan food, including a POTATO! lol 

I had to laugh at this, because it is the colossal titan's head, which is a mousse, and you slice it with one of the swords. lol 

Then, we saw the actual titans! They were amazing! 

You got to take a picture like you were getting eaten by a titan. We HAD to do it, paid the money for it. No regrets. 

Best. Picture. Ever.
After that we checked out the Monster Hunter stuff, even though we don't play it. But the attraction had no timed entry, so we went in anyway. 

You basically walk through "caves" and see life-size displays of stuff from the game, including armor and weapons, and then this guy! 

No idea who he is, but he moved and it was cool! 

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