678 Hawaii (Again)

by - 5/22/2015

Post car show, we decided to walk across the street and eat at 678 Hawaii, since it was still relatively early and we didn't need to fight for parking. Regardless of how early in the evening it was, we still had to wait for a table for about 30 minutes, I guess because our party was so large. Once we were seated, the magic began. Since we were three sets of couples, one ordered the wagyu set, me and Kevin ordered the pork set, and our other friends ordered the beef set (I think). 

I love that this place always gives you tons of banchan and sauce, and they always refill!

We ordered a pot (like those really large gold tea pots that you see people drink water out of in old movies) of strawberry shochu. It was dangerous. 

678 Hawaii is always a tasty experience. I introduced my friends to pork jowl that night, and the overall consensus was that it was the best thing on the table! Don't be afraid of jowl! 

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