Jill Stuart Spring 2014 Collection: Lip Blossom Review

by - 6/16/2015

Jill Stuart is an American fashion designer, who also has a line of cosmetics available only in Japan. Her cosmetics are some of the cutest I have ever seen, however, they can be pretty pricey. I popped into a Daimaru department store in Umeda and decided to check it out in person, and see what the prices were really like. The layout in the makeup department was like any other department store, but at the Jill Stuart section, you needed to take a number and wait, like it was the counter of the deli department at a grocery store. 

The displays were pretty adorable. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but you generally aren't supposed to take pictures in department stores. The area also had vanities for you to put on makeup as well. 

Summer Collection 2015

I didn't really want to spend $50.00+ on eye shadows, so I opted to get two lipsticks. I had ample time to check them out while I waited to be helped (it wasn't even that crowded, there was like one girl ahead of me, and two clerks). When I picked out my two lipsticks, the clerk brought the boxes, asked to open them, and checked that they were the right color and were in good shape (I appreciate that about Japan. Many places do that for many different kinds of products). And as usual, after my purchase, I was walked with my package to the exit. 

Free sample!
The boxes
How cute is this lipstick??

Swarovski crystal in the center
The jeweled flower on top flips open to a very tiny mirror.

The lipstick itself looks like a jewel. I die.

The lipsticks online are listed at ¥2,800.00, but I got them for ¥2,300.00 each, which comes out to just over $18.00. Not much different than MAC lipstick prices. 

I thought that was it for my Jill Stuart purchases, but when I got to the airport the day we left, I saw that she was in the duty free store, so I had to check it out. I was surprised (and stoked) to see that there was a special travel set, the lip blossom trio flower cruise collection! I had to have it. It was ¥6,000.00 for the set, which came out to about $48.00 or $16.00 per lipstick. Slightly less than what I paid at Daimaru. Yay!

The packaging is much cuter than the department store-bought packaging, it's very springy and floral. Here are some swatches from the lip blossom trio:

And swatches from the two I bought at Daimaru: 

On the lips, they look like this:

Petit Cherry
Precious Gerbera
Ranunculus Veil
French Tulip
Brilliant Lily
Brilliant Lily is probably my favorite color, followed by Petit Cherry. I'm partial to the redder, bolder colors. I like the bit of shimmer in the lipsticks. The other three, well...they just kind of look like each other, with varying degrees of coolness or warmness. Of those three, I like French Tulip the best.

What I've noticed about Japanese lipsticks, not just this brand, is that there isn't very good color payoff. Lipsticks feel very slick, the color is very subtle, and gloss and shine is a high priority. With these lipsticks, the colors are very subtle on the lips, and have a slight shimmer to them. Some of the color goes on slightly blotchy at first (which you can see in the swatch picture) and needs to be blended out, and it can sometimes feel a bit oily. When I want a deeper color, I apply lip gloss in the same color family. But you definitely don't need gloss over this because thy're plenty glossy on their own. I'm used to deep colors with good color payoffs, so this is definitely a change for me, but not an unwelcomed one. The staying power, however, is poor.

Let's talk about the product packaging, which is what caught my eye in the first place. Yes, it is very cute. But it's made out of a very light plastic that I feel could break very easily. I was actually a little shocked by how cheap it felt. As I was showing my friend the lipstick, she wound it out slightly, and it got stuck and wouldn't go back in. So now with that lipstick I need to push it down. So overall quality could be improved, in my opinion. So here is my breakdown:

-Adorable packaging
-Sweet colors
-Nice shimmer

-Difficult to obtain (exclusive to Japan)
-Cheap feeling packaging materials
-Poor color payoff

Is it the greatest quality lipstick? No. Is it the sturdiest packaging? Definitely not. Are there better lipsticks out there? Of course. But is it damn cute? You betcha. 

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