Beauteque BB Bag November 2016

by - 1/02/2017

November's BB Bag was decent. It was nice getting two hand creams, which meant that I could give one away as a gift, and getting a cuticle cutter was also nice because they're really, really pricey at the drug store! 

This month's theme was "Fall in love with your skin." There's nothing really different about the bag from the others, and the nail polish is definitely not skin related. I think they were just going with a 

Total value: $65.00

The bag itself is bright pink, which was kind of strange, considering the theme of the month. I expected something a little more fall themed (like an orange, or a red even). But it's a good size, and I'm not disappointed. 

Cuticle Cutter ($7.50)

There's not a lot to say about a cuticle cutter. It is what it is. lol 

Tsaio Traveler's Herb Diary Herbal Blend Body Care Kit ($14.00)

This is a handy travel sized kit containing a shampoo, body wash, and facial wash, that contain organic herbal extracts. It comes in a clear bag, which is perfect for traveling (as TSA requires you to keep liquids in a carry on in a clear bag for them to see). I'll definitely be using this on my next trip! 

VOV Lip Care Balm ($6.00)

This balm smells deliciously like strawberry, and is pink, but doesn't have a taste or leave a color on your lips (although there were supposedly other styles that did leave a tint). It contains vitamins and minerals that nourish and eliminate flaky and chapped lips. I use this a lot before swatching lipsticks, and I sometimes use it before bed. I kept it in my carry-on on my last trip. It was nice to have. 

Yadah Claude Monet Hand Cream ($4.00 each, two included)

This is a nice smelling hand cream with a nice scent. It's the perfect size to keep in your purse, and one extra is great to give to a friend (which I did for christmas). There are different prints featuring various Claude Monet works, but I got two of the same. 

Premium Deoproce Strawberry Yogurt Massage Cream ($22.00)

I wasn't too thrilled about this product mainly because I had a bad experience with my first and only Premium Deoproce product (a toner that made me break out). But this First of all, it looks and smells just like yogurt. It's like you peeled the top off of a strawberry yoplait. So you take a generous amount, and massage it into your skin. It turns into almost an oil, and you massage it for three to five minutes. It really melts all the gunk in your pores. This product contains strawberry extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial effects that gently cleanse the skin while moisturizing and  brightening. Massaging the product increases the circulation of blood and oxygen, which increases elasticity in your skin. I'm a big fan of this product! If only I could get someone else to massage me, it would be perfect! 

Not pictured: VOV Nail Polish ($7.50). This item came separately, after I had taken these pictures. It's just an orangey colored nail polish, nothing special. 

Overall it was a decent bag, but I wish there were more actual skincare products in it, so that was a bit disappointing. Did you like this bag? Let me know in the comments below! 

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