Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette Review

by - 1/25/2017

I don't own any Kylie Cosmetics products. Nothing has ever appealed to me; not the lip kits, not any of the palettes. And while I am sometimes a basic bitch, I've never jumped on any of the limited edition items. And I didn't plan on buying the Royal Peach palette at all, although I did think it was pretty. The reason I got it is because my TrendMood app alerted me that it was live, so I wanted to see if I could get it in my cart. If I was able to, I was going to take it as a sign that I should buy it. So guess what happened?? 

I got it at the six minute mark, and it sold out in nine minutes (according to Twitter). I paid $45, with free shipping to Hawaii. I ordered it on January 12, it shipped on January 17, and I received it on January 20. It was packed nicely with foam. I always like to point this out, especially for people who are from Hawaii, because we all know the struggles of receiving packages in a timely manner. 

There are 12 shades, and each pan contains 1.4 grams of product, which seems to be the norm for all of her palettes. For comparison, MAC pressed eyeshadow singles contain 1.3 grams, and the Too Faced Sweet Peach shadows are .95 grams each. The palette itself is a rectangular, which is different from her other palettes which are all square. 

The package came with a postcard of Kylie's trademark eyes, the same image that is on the packaging. On the other side, there is a note that looks handwritten, which is a nice touch. 

The unit carton is a clean white with Kylie's eyes front and center. The sides are trimmed in a royal blue color. 

The packaging on the palette itself is a clean white all the way around, with KYLIE in block lettering trimmed in a rose gold foil. The palette is a good weight in my hand, pretty standard feeling. 

On the inside, there is a mirror! That was my gripe with all of the other palettes. There was no mirror, just a space with KYLIE on it, wasted real estate in my opinion. One thing that didn't change, though, is that the names of the shadows are on the back of the palette. That is really annoying when you want to know what color your looking at. It's not fun having to flip it over again and again. 

Here are finger swatches of the first row, from left to right:

Top to bottom: Sorbet, Seashell, Peachy, Royal, Queen Bee, Duke

Finger swatches of the bottom row, from left to right: 

Top to bottom: Duchess, Sandy, Mojito, North Star, Crush, Cinnamon

The palette also comes with a brush, which doesn't look too bad. But the bristles are a bit too stiff for my liking, and not dense enough. I think it would make a good blending brush, but not something you could use for a full look. Here's a comparison of the brush that comes with the palette (top swatch) compared to a swatch with my Spectrum Collections A06 brush (bottom swatch):

As you can see, the brush that comes with the kit spreads out the pigment more. If you're into that, though, then you'll like this brush. 

Here are brush swatches using my A06 brush. In between colors I cleaned off my brush with my Color Switch (which you can purchase here from Sephora): 

I'm not very impressed with the brush swatches. I had to go over quite a few times with the mattes, and forget about the shimmery ones. Those wouldn't swatch without a fight. The only shade that really went on well was the very last one, Cinnamon. That one was well pigmented, but there was a bit of fall out. Speaking of which, this is the fallout situation after I was done swatching:

And can we talk about that blue shade, Royal? What a disappointment! This is supposed to be the star of the palette (even though it's a peach-themed palette, lets be real. Everyone was hooked by the blue). Look how beautiful it looks in the palette, and then look at the brush swatch. It's almost a joke. But let's not write it off yet. Sometimes, things go on the lid better than they swatch. So I created a few looks: 

I had to recreate the look on the box, of course. The only way I could get the blue to really stand out was to wet my brush. 

Sorbet, Crush, Duchess, Mojito

Peachy, Crush, Duke, Seashell

This look used the lavender shimmer (North Star) and the pink peach shimmer (crush).

Sorbet, Peachy, Royal, and Mojito

I guess this is kind of a peacock theme?

Crush and Mojito
And this one I'm calling "watermelon chic." 

First, lets talk about how the shadows worked on the lid. The mattes actually went on smoothly with little fall out, and they blended out well. The second, third and fourth looks primarily used shimmers. If you want them to stand out, you have to wet your brush. I had to do that with the last look to make the green (Mojito) stand out. I have such mixed feelings about them. There's a lot of inconsistency. For example, Duchess seems to have chunkier pigment than Duke, and Duke goes on more pigmented than North Star, which is less pigmented than Mojito. Does that make sense? I feel that the formula is very different for each shimmer, which makes it too inconsistent. 

Now this is my biggest problem. Take a look at the palette again. There are nice transition colors. The peaches are very pretty. But...where are the darker colors? There's nothing I can use to deepen any of the looks, and I struggled with that. I tried using Royal as a color for my outer corners (see the peacock look above), but there's absolutely no way I can use that with every single look. The darkest colors are shimmers, and they are not sufficient for deepening the outer corners. The only way I could make a bolder look is to use other shadows that I have, which, for me, kind of defeats the purpose of having a palette.

Another little niggle that I had with this palette is that some of the colors are just...confusing. Like, I'm not sure what they're doing in this palette. For example, North Star and Mojito. They are very pretty colors, but I'm baffled as to how I can use them with the rest of the palette. I gave it it shot (see fourth pic and last pic), but I honestly don't know what else to do with. It's just confusing to me. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on colors and how they work together, and I just can't see how they work in this palette. And I might say the same for Royal, too. But I do love how it looks with the peach colors...but other than that, I don't know how else I would use it, even though I tried. 

This was a very good lesson for me. Even though a palette may have very pretty colors, it's important not to be sucked in by that. Think practically, and take notice of things that are important. Like, are there transition colors? Are these colors you could wear on an everyday basis? Are there dark colors too? After I used it a bunch of times, I've figured out what is important to me in a palette, and that is a good thing. All the palettes I've had before have transition colors as well as deeper, darker colors. It was a case of not knowing what you have until it's gone. I didn't realize how important those dark colors are for creating different looks, and if that is important to you, you might want to skip this palette. Or, if you're okay with using other shadows to get the look you want, then by all means, go for it! 

As for the palette itself, there are good and bad things. Let's list the pros and cons so you don't have to listen to me ramble: 

  • Very pretty colors
  • Pretty shimmers
  • True peachy mattes
  • Good pigmentation in the mattes 
  • Blendable 
  • Nice sized mirror
  • Color names listed on the back of the palette only (THIS. It was so annoying having to look in the palette, and then look on the back of the palette a million times when I was captioning those pictures)
  • Sub-par brush
  • Shimmer shadows formula is inconsistent 
  • Shimmer shadows are less pigmented and require more work to use 
  • Higher end price ($45)
  • Currently difficult to purchase (launched twice, sold out twice, currently sold out)
Do I like this palette? Yes and no. I'm kind of ambivalent about it. Would I recommend this palette? I say give it a pass.

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