Beauteque October 2016 BB Bag Review

by - 12/01/2016

Total value: 

Just under $66.00

October's BB Bag was alright. There's really only one item in here that I like a lot, but I'll get to that. Let's get started! 

The theme for October was Post Party Recovery. I guess these were items to help you relax a bit and get that pesky makeup off! 

The bag is really cute. Can't go wrong with polkadots! 

Hanaka Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack ($15.00)

The Hanaka sleeping pack is soooo nice. I put it on as the last step in my routine, and in the morning after I wash my face, my skin feels soooo soft! It's got tiny microbeads in it that dissolve when you put it on your face, and it smells fantastic. The tub is huge (300 ml), and contains aloe vera, cactus, and camellia extracts to help brighten and moisturize your skin. 

A'Pieu Mineral Lip and Eye Makeup Remover ($13.00)

The picture in the insert was blue, but mine was pink and was scented like roses. I am not a fan of rose scented things, and found the smell to be cloying. However, it does do a good job of removing eye makeup, like waterproof mascara and goop from false lashes. It contains mineral water and flower complex to soothe and moisturize. 

KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask ($2.50 each)

I was given two of these masks, and I'm really excited to try it! I'm saving it for my trip to Seattle and Canada in December, so I will be using them on the airplane! These masks are self-heating and travel friendly. 

Mediheal Peelosoft XP Shot (11.99)

There were three different kinds that you could receive, and I received this one. It contains BHA and AHA to exfoliate skin gently and peel away dead skin cells. It's also described as travel friendly, but oh my gosh. This one went in the bin. I put it on, and almost immediately my face started itching and tingling. I washed it off right away. It just didn't feel right, it felt like a bad reaction about to happen. 

Vacci Royal Luminant Auto Eyeliner Pencil ($10.99) and Free Gift ($10.00 value)

What a fancy name for an eye pencil. I like that it's auto, and I like that it comes with a built in sharpener. However, it was a little rough on my waterline, and I feel like $11.00 is steep for a liner. As for the free gift, I received a foundation brush, but to be honest, I use it to brush away dust when I do my nails. It's not stiff enough for a foundation brush (for my taste), but it is great as a dusting brush! 

What did you get in your October BB Bag? Were you impressed? What was your favorite?

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