This Weeks Nails: Pink Dream

by - 8/04/2015

I did my nails with some more nail art I got in Japan a while back. I wanted to see if my regular top gel from my Sensationail kit would work (it doesn't). But the day after I did my nails, I got my IBD soak off gel in the mail! I know that you can't put gel over polish unless the polish is completely dry, so I figured I was okay since I did my nails the night before. 

The soak of gel works just the same way as a hard builder gel, it's just runnier. But it seals in the decorations perfectly. It was my first time using it, but after watching a bunch of instructional videos online, it wasn't hard. Just needed to make sure everything was even. 

I used whatever polish I had, which was this baby pink polish, and used some pastel star nail stickers. it was cute, reminded me of my Swimmer compact (pictured). But I wasn't in love with these nails. They were just okay, something to practice on. 

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