Osaka 2015 Day 5: Umeda

by - 8/07/2015

The plan I had in Umeda was basically shopping. Yodobashi Camera, Hep 5, Don Quijote, Osaka Grand Front, and Umeda Sky Building. I wasn't planning on getting all of those things done in one day, but I was going to try! We kicked it off at Yodobashi Camera, which looks just like the one in Akihabara. 

There's tons of things in Yodobashi, including electronics of all sorts. Check out all these speakers and stuff!

We went there specifically to get Kevin a new pair of headphones. He had a lot to choose from.

I decided to get myself a new hair curler while I was there. The amount of curlers and flat irons was insane!

They even had a large selection of heated eyelash curlers.

These were cute, they were small flat irons with a cover to keep in your purse. I'm well aware that they look like...ahem...something else.

After Yodobashi we walked over to HEP 5, which has that gigantic ferris wheel. 

And giant red sperm whales.
We settled on some korean food,which was really tasty. 

We didn't spend much time there because, well, a shopping mall is a shopping mall. And there weren't any store there that I really wanted to see. We decided to head to Umeda Sky Building, but went in the wrong direction. My feet were sore, so we stopped and rested for a bit and repacked all the things we bought. 
Other people waiting
Umeda Sky Building was a lot farther away than I thought it was. We had to walk through a long underground tunnel because they were building something above. That was the smelliest tunnel ever. That's probably the dirtiest place I saw in all of Japan. Not a fun experience. But the Sky Building was impressive when we saw it!

Like I mentioned before, Kevin doesn't like heights. See that V shaped thing in the hole? Yeah, those are escalators. The elevator is also glass, and that scared the crap out of me, even though I'm not afraid of heights. It was SO high up. 

At the top, Kevin had reached his limit, so I went on to the outside by myself. The outside observatory deck went in a giant circle. There was an area for lovers where you could buy a lock and put it on a fence thing, and take a picture in the center. Not sure the significance of that, maybe they were trying to be like Pont de l'Archevêché in Paris? They recently got rid of all the locks, by the way. 

I'll just leave you with this. The elevator ride up, and escalator up and down.

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