This Weeks Nails: Coral Water Drop

by - 8/18/2015

I knew I had to try the water drop technique that I've been seeing everywhere. Again, keeping with the summer theme that I have been in love with. I had seen a few Asian nail videos online showing how this technique is done, but I found that Abetweene's video on YouTube was the best tutorial: 

So, following what I learned online, I tried it out. I wanted to use the turquoise nail art that I had, so I opted to use different shades of pink.

This is what I learned: 

1. Don't dilute the white gel polish if your nail base color is fairly light, or you wont really see the water drop effect. 
2. Use bigger droplets, it looks more like water. I found that my small droplets looked more like snakeskin or something. 
Other than that, though, this technique is really, really easy and not very time consuming at all. I'd definitely give it a try! 

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