This Weeks Nails: Mermaid

by - 8/11/2015

The one trend that I've really been in love with that I've seen over and over again on the Jill and Lover's Instagram is the full glitter nail. It's mylar, or chunky glitter, and it looks absolutely amazing. I knew that, now that I had a soak off gel, I needed to try this. How hard could this be?

It was hard. It was hard, and it took like three hours to do. I finished one hand, and exhausted, I looked at my other hand. I wanted to stop, but I knew I had to keep going. But the results were really worth it. I am in love with these nails. 

I got a pack of like 12 chunky glitters from Ben Franklin Crafts, Martha Stewart brand. The colors are really great, and they will basically last the rest of my life. They were pricey at about $34, but considering I won't have to buy them again for an extremely long time, I'm okay with that. 

I wanted my nails to be summery, and I wanted them to make people think of either the ocean or mermaids, so I mixed a green and an aquamarine glitter together. I added on some pearls and seashells to further emulate the ocean theme. Here's the results!

When I took a picture with the flash on, the colors changed entirely! 

Here's a side by side comparison:

As this was my first really big project with soak off gel, the gel started to lift in the second week. I wanted to have these nails for about a month, but that wasn't going to happen. In all honesty, I don't have the energy to do this again. It's so time consuming. But looking back on it now, I did it in layers. I'd do one layer of glitter, cure it, add gel, cure it, add glitter, repeat. I think now, to make my life easier, if I ever do this again, I'll just take one really large glob of gel to seal everything in. Maybe that's how they do it in the salons. 

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