This Weeks Nails: Coral Sea

by - 7/07/2015

After taking off my amazing Japan nails *sniff sniff* I was feeling inspired, so I dug out my old Sensationail kit and thought I would experiment with 3D nail art and gel. Granted, this is just a thin, soak off gel top coat. I knew I wasn't going to get the same hold as builder gel like on my Japan nails, but I wanted to see how much security I got with Sensationail. 

My colors were pretty limited. I had a pale pink, darker rose pink, and a coral. So, coral it was. I got some fun metal nail art in japan, including seashells, so I added those metal ones and some other metal decorations. On my ring finger, since I liked it so much on my Japan nails, I blinged it out with rhinestones and pearls. 

 So how long did this last before I lost something? About 20 minutes. Then I lost a rhinestone. Overall, I lost two of the oval shaped metal pieces, and about three rhinestones. Not bad for one week's worth of wear. They tell you to put the top coat really thin, but honestly I did many, many coats of it on the bulkier nail art. The rest of the pieces stayed on nicely, save for one small circular piece, which I replaced. I want to try this again with flatter nail art. I feel like flatter pieces would stay on better with Sensationail. BUT I did just purchase some soak off clear  gel, so I am excited to try that! I'll be trying that in the near future! 

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