Osaka 2015 Day 3: Abeno shopping and Abeno Q's' Mall

by - 7/03/2015

I wanted to go to Abeno Q's Mall because I heard they had a Swimmer there, and then I found out that they had a 109 there as well that had a Punyus! I love me some Punyus, so we decided to spend the day in that area. 

Abeno Q's Mall is right across from Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan. It also houses the largest department store in Japan. We checked it out, but I mean, a department store is a department store. In hindsight, there was probably an observation deck all the way at the top. Should have done that.

Had some lunch first.

Shoyu ramen
So, the 109 in Abeno Q's Mall is definitely nothing like Shibuya 109. It was just one section of one floor of the mall that had some of the same shops in Shibuya 109. Here's one of the displays.

And this is one of my favorite stores: Swimmer! It's just a bunch of cheap knick knacks, but I got some gifts for friends there and a bunch of things for me, like a compact and some makeup bags. 

And this is my Punyus haul! Got a sweater, two skirts, and my beloved egg dress! I wanted this pattern last year, but they didn't have it when I went. Luckily there was one left in my size at this store! I also got matching socks. 

There was a really large Tokyo Hands at this mall, and a huge craft store (can't remember the name) where I got a bunch of needle felting things. But how cute are these things??

Mogu microbead animal pillows. 

I wanted the cat pillow so bad, but it was so big! I was actually eyeing this on Ebay for Christmas last year, but it was like $60! At the store it was only around $25.

Coin purses

So this chicken thing. You put your raw egg in there, and you spin it around and around, and that scrambles the egg inside! So when you hard boil it, you get a nicely scrambled hard boiled egg. Neat right?

These pics are from the craft store. There were rows and rows of just beads and crystals, and then there were charms like these macarons, and desserts!

I found the needle felt section and went crazy. I even got a book! But this place was sort of expensive, so I think I only got the book and two kits. 

Overall, day two was just a shopping day, not a whole lot went on. Thanks for sticking with this post lol I know it wasn't terribly exciting.

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