Osaka 2015 Day 4: Kobe

by - 7/17/2015

After the herb gardens, we headed into the city. First stop was Chinatown. But first, manhole covers.

I love Japanese manhole covers.

As you can see, a Chinatown is a Chinatown is a Chinatown. It's pretty much like any other Chinatown I've been to, unless there was something super amazing there that I missed. I wasn't really hungry while I was there, but Kevin and I had to try some Kobe beef while in Kobe. So from a streetside stall we got a small tray. 

This tiny tray cost $10.00! And you know what? It didn't taste like anything special. It was cooked nicely, but it was chewy, and it didn't melt in my mouth the way I was expecting it to, like Wagyu beef. It could just be that we chose a bad place to try it, and It's definitely something that I would try again at a proper restaurant. 

There were tons of other street side stalls, and I had to try something. 

Look at dem pigs ears

I got one of these things. Pork, braised, but it got pretty dry. Not bad, but not the best.

Okay I took a picture of this lady's stall because of the ad below. The airplane ad? What is going on there??

I think we all need one of these couches in our lives.

This was a really cool shopping arcade that was wider than any of the others I'd ever seen. I really wanted to go down it, but sadly we needed to move on. 

Owl cafe!
We headed down to the harbor to see that iconic Kobe harbor view. Down there, there was an Anpanman museum for the kiddies, right next to a giant ferris wheel. 

I'm guessing Anpanman is from Kobe because he and his friends were everywhere. Clearly I know nothing about Kobe. 

But that view...

Kobe had a lot of statues and sculptures, I noticed. Here's a giant giraffe:

And here's...uh...butts and torsos...?

Kobe is also home to the Tetsujin 28-Go robot, which I really wanted to see, but damn it was so many trains stops away! I was so tired, my feet hurt, and I was really tired of trains by then, so I said forget it and went back to Osaka. Overall, Kobe was another one of those cities that I underestimated. It's huge, like Kyoto. Trying to do everything in one day is impossible. But, I think I got to see most of what I wanted to see there, and it was fun!

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