Cat Tail Cafe

by - 7/24/2015

There were two cafe's I wanted to go to: a cat cafe, and an owl cafe. I didn't find an owl cafe (not in Osaka, anyway), but I did find a cat cafe smack in the middle of Amemura! 

This place is called Cat Tail cafe, in the second story of a building in the hustle and bustle. When you got there, you had to ring the doorbell to be let in (so the cats didn't run out). The owner opened the door for us, and showed us a guide in (kind of bad) English. You paid a certain amount to spend a certain amount of time, so Kevin and I both opted for one hour, which included one drink. After the purchase, we were given a card with our time written on it to keep track. 

Then we were led to the lockers, where we stored our things and our shoes. I grabbed my phone and my camera, which was allowed, as long as you didn't use flash. 

There were two rooms, which you can see by the doors. The one on the right was bigger than the one on the left and had more cats. There was also an open area with kind of like bar seating, where there were other cats. You could basically go anywhere you wanted in the cafe. Before we were let in, we had to spray our hands with disinfectant, which I believe was just a salt water. 

Inside, we told the cafe staff girl what we wanted to drink, and we were given a choice of one cat snack per person. I got a wet one, and Kevin got a dry one. For the cats, not for us. lol When I opened up the wet snack I chose, this guy ran right up to me. 

He was the cutest one there. Oh my gosh those eyes, and those little ears and stubby tail! I died. I died and went to Heaven. 

There were other people in the room as well.

You could also order food, but be forewarned that you will get hounded by the cats!

This cat buried itself in this girls tulle skirt. So cute.

The cats had free reign of the place, and pretty much perched anywhere they wanted, even the register. 

I got winked at
Kevin says he doesn't like cats, but I'm pretty sure he does...either way, they like him! 


This cat looked just like Maru! 

This is the cat sitting on the owners shoulders. I saw that, and the owner came over and put the cat on my shoulders! 

Jelly bean toes!
This one had a rough night. 

That face. lol 
I didn't get any allergies until maybe the last 20 minutes I was in there, and that was without any allergy medicine. When you were done, there were lint rollers provided so you could take care of the massive fur problem. I mean, it gets ALL over you.  I had a fun time, it was really relaxing, and the cats were adorable and super friendly. If you like cats, I definitely recommend a cat cafe!

Cat Cafe Cat Tail
2-10-22 Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku | 2F 2nd Tada Bldg.,
Osaka 542-0086, Osaka Prefecture
Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm (not sure what days they close)

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