This Weeks Nails: Queen of the Nile

by - 5/12/2015

Since I'm going back to Japan, I decided to use up some of the nail stickers I bought last time. I've been seeing a lot of turquoise being used lately on my Instagram, and I've really been digging it, so i decided to try it out for myself. I was just going to paint my nails in the cream color, but I decided to jazz it up a bit with some gold using the Saran Wrap marble blotting technique that I saw Cutepolish do: 

It didn't come out so much like the picture because I didn't do the water part, but it's okay because it ended up looking more like gold foil. I used Maybelline Color Show Holographic Nail Lacquer in Bold Gold, and I've never been a fan of it because it doesn't really go on all that smoothly, and it separates weirdly. But when I used it in this way I finally fell in love with it. 
In the sunlight
I thought the stone on my middle finger might be a bit much, but I decided to go with it and keep the other nails a bit more toned down. I lacquered these pretty well because I learned from the other nail stickers that they come off really easily. I've already shifted some of the stones on my thumb, and replaced a couple. It's a strange sticky backing that they sit on, and that's the only thing that I don't like about them. Is it going to stop me from buying more? Definitely not. Hoping that this manicure lasts me until I get my nails done in Japan! 

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