2015 First Hawaiian International Auto Show

by - 5/15/2015

Unlike last year, this year, I had a specific car I wanted to see. I've been wanting to check out the Fiat 500X:

I think it's cute like the Fiat 500, but it's like a mid size SUV. I chose that car with a family in mind, which kind of turned out to be a stressful and frustrating thing. I've never actually liked SUV's. The only one that I would really like to own is  Range Rover, and those are damn expensive, so that's out of the picture. I've never bought my own car. I drive a Nissan Maxima, but it's 2001 and given to me by my parents after they got a new car. So, although the car is mine, it's not really mine. You know what I mean?

Considering that it's from 2001, I'm recently having more and more problems with it. I just had to replace the alternator, I've had to replace the windshield, and I'm going to have to replace the tires soon. I know that's just normal wear and tear, but it's annoying (especially the alternator part).  So I'm going to probably need a new car by the end of the year. Thing is, I just don't know what I would like for myself. After deciding to look at cars just for myself, without a family in mind, I settled on the Subaru WRX. I know, I know. We made many jokes about how I'd be the coolest mom at the school, and how I'd get my kids there in five minutes flat. But truth be told, it has a five-star safety rating, and it's spacious. So, there you go. 

I shall now leave you with a massive photo dump, mainly of exotics (because that's what I would really want instead of a Subaru). 

Look at this monstrosity. 
Look at this sexy beast.

The Toyota Mirai. Electric car, not bad looking.
The BMW I-3. Too bad it's not a sedan. :(
The VW Club. This year there were no classic cars for some reason.
The Tesla has lots of space in the front, and in the back.
Inside the Tesla

Love the paint job.

My favorite Lambo. It looks like a Praying Mantis! 

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