Japan 2014 Day 9: Ueno Zoo

by - 1/23/2015

For some reason, Kevin was really adamant about going to a zoo. He said he hadn't been to one in a long time, so that's why he wanted to go. We opted for Ueno Zoo, since it was close by, and had pandas. Yep, based our choice solely on pandas. 

I wasn't exactly thrilled to be going to the zoo. I don't care to see animals in cages and small enclosures, but I sucked it up because I love my husband and that's what wives have to do sometimes. But I figured, might as well take some pictures since I'm here. 

There was a ridiculuosly long line to see the pandas. We decided we didn't need to stand in that line, but as we were walking away, we realized we could see them anyway, just not up close. That was good enough for me. Here is my best picture.

 Condors have huge wings! This guy was showing off.

Random crow looking handsome 
Looking right at me 
This is the majestic Dhole.

You heard me. don't believe me?

Bam. It's actually pronounced "dole." But D-hole is funnier.

Asian elephant 

Rest area 


So, I love reptiles. They are my favorite animals. I think they are really neat, and actually pretty darn cute (some of them). Kevin does not like reptiles. But here are some pictures. 

So cute.

Close up. So cute.
After we left the zoo, we stumbled upon a random temple. 

And then, we stumbled upon a random pole dancer. Right in the middle of the park.

Wtf Japan.

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