Japan 2014 Day 8: Ramen Museum

by - 1/16/2015

We started our day in Yokohama, which was surprisingly far from Shibuya. I don't know why I thought it was closer, but it was a 45 minute ride on the train. When we got to Yokohama, we had to figure out where the Ramen Museum was. We used Google Maps,which got us there, but took us in one gigantic circle. 

Got a few pictures in the meantime. 

They like their sports teams here.
 Admission to the Ramen Museum, I think, I was around $6.00. Basically, this place was meant to look sort of like the streets of Showa era Japan. There were billboards, faux shops and theaters, etc. The ceiling was painted to look like the sky. It was pretty neat, but it was pretty dark inside for some reason. Each floor had different ramen "stalls." Most of them were permanent stalls, but some of them changed. One of them was in the process of moving in, which was a shame because we really wanted to eat there. All the stalls ran on a ticket system, where you could order a normal sized bowl, or a mini size, so you could keep eating at the other stalls. I opted for the mini at all the stalls that I went to. 

It really worked!

In the first stall we went to, it was a bit snug. But the ramen we got was SO good. It was a tonkotsu ramen with really delicious char siu that melted in your mouth. The staff here all looked Japanese, but they yelled things to each other in perfect English (as well as Japanese).

 There was a chalkboard that the "police officer" kept writing on, indicating the wait times for all the restaurants in the place.

Round two! Fight!

Didn't care for these noodles.
The ramen here wasn't as good as the first place. Their noodles were different, a bit thicker, and I didn't really care for them. After round two, we got some soft serve at a cute vintage style cafe in the museum. It was tasty.

Hello operator?
Round three! I had to do this on my own because Kevin tapped out after ice cream. I had shoyu ramen, a mini, which was huge because it had three very large pieces of char siu. Again, melt in your mouth. But I found the broth to be saltier than I'd like for a shoyu ramen. I did appreciate its robust color though. It really dyed the noodles brown. 

The ramen museum was a really tasty experience, definitely try it! There is also a gift shop where you can find things, but remember, you can't bring back products that have any kind of beef or pork or chicken in them. Or else they will take it from you at customs. If you don't declare it, though...just sayin'. 

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