Japan 2014 Day 7: Tokyo Disneyland

by - 1/09/2015

Since we went to Tokyo DisneySea the last time we were in Japan, we decided to check out regular old Disneyland this time. It was Halloween themed, which was really cute! The day we went was pretty wet and rainy, so that meant that we didn't have to wait very long in the lines. 15 minutes for Star Wars, five minutes for the teacups. It was nice. 

The only downside was, I had forgotten to pack a pair of comfortable shoes in my carry on (packed a carry on because we sent out luggage from Osaka with the takkyubin so we were without luggage for a day). So all I had were my platform shoes. I trekked around Disneyland the entire day in those. I made it, but I wanted to die. But for now, here's a photo dump. 



The closest I will get to F1.

We caught the parade that had all the fun Disney characters in it. All the princesses were beautiful. It was disgusting. 


Kevin wanted to punch him in his handsome face. lol

The decorations all over the place were fun! When they lit up at night, they were creepy.

Look at these vending machines!

Turkey leg. Small by American standards. 

Eeyore is so cute!

Just for nostalgia sake (and because the line was only five minutes), we decided to do the tea cups. That was a mistake. 

For Halloween, they had a black Mickey pizza. Not sure how they got the dough black. Squid ink? Tasted like regular pizza. 

The night time show on the castle was really neat. I couldn't get any good pictures, but here's an idea. 

On the tram back to the train station, there was a cast member giving out candies. He asked a question, you answered, and he gave you a candy. He asked me, but I said, "English?" and he said, "English, okay." And I forgot what he asked but the answer was "trick or treat!" I was a lot louder than the other people, I realized, but that's probably because I'm American. The candy was orange, in a cute wrapper from DisneySea, which had a Dia De Los Muertos theme this year. 

Overall, I had a fun time. It's nice feeling like a kid again! 

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  1. The parades look AMAZING! Also, poor you and your shoes. :(

  2. I'm going to edit some videos of the parades when I get around to it. But at least I looked good in those shoes! lol


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