Japanese Candy - Kracie Popin' Cookin' Nerunerunerune Candy

by - 12/01/2014

I might have one too many "neru" in there but I think I got it right. It's like banana. So much room for error, wanna put more "nas." 


I picked up some fun candies in Japan, the kind that require you to make them. There are tons of videos on YouTube that show you how to make them (my personal favorite being RRCherrypie). There's something really relaxing about watching their videos, and also something really nice about the sound of the little plastic spoon scraping the container. 

I tried out this candy first as it seemed the most simple. Judging by the package, this candy is grape soda flavored. When you open it up, there are packets, a plastic container, and a spoon.

You snap off (or cut off) the triangle in the top left, and that becomes your measuring cup. Into the large round part, you pour the packet labeled "1" and add one measuring cup thingie of water. On the right, you pour in these candy bits that kind of look like crushed lollipops. That is for dipping later on. 

But then, the fun part! Stirring! Nothing terribly exciting happens. The mixture is kind of off white in color and gloopy. But after that is mixed, the fun part happens! You add in the packet labeled 2, and then magical things begin to happen! 

The mixture starts to turn purple and become fluffy and a bit stickier. It's really neat! Stir it for about 30 seconds, and it is ready to it. Just dip it into your candy bits and enjoy! 

It tasted grapey, and the candy bits taste just like hard candy, not really any particular flavor. It was pretty yummy!

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