Japan 2014 Day 3: Hanging. But, Yakiniku.

by - 12/12/2014

Some people would say that spending an entire day in the hotel room is a waste of time. Normally I would agree, but I'm hungover so turn off the light and shut up, my head is pounding. 

Truth be told I wasn't feeling sick, but I was definitely feeling exhausted after the previous night. I think Kevin was a bit more nauseated, though. I had the foresight the night before to purchase some water and onigiri before heading to the hotel, but I had just grabbed whatever two onigiri was left on the shelf. I dug into my mystery rice balls, excited to find out what was in the middle. But I was sorely disappointed (and slightly nauseated) to find that it was tuna mayo. Normally that would have been okay with me, but not when you are hungover. I ate the rice around the filling and called it a day. 

Later, though, we got very hungry, but neither of us wanted to put on clothes and go outside. So we ordered ridiculously expensive room service instead. 

The food was actually pretty damn good, but we opted for our vending machine drinks because who wants to pay $10.00 for a glass of juice? 

When evening rolled around, we got ready and headed to the airport to pick up our friend Todd who would be joining us for the rest of the trip. He arrived around 6:00 p.m., but he was nowhere to be seen for a while. Turns out he got held up at customs because of a passenger in front of him, who was having problems of some sort. We headed back to the station and met up with our friends for a yakiniku dinner. 

Lots of Korean banchan
So I had no idea what we were going to eat because my friends just did all of the ordering. Plate after plate of meat came out and it was just a feast. Then this stuff came out. They call it "hormone" in Japan, and it's made up of things like cartilige, heart, intestines, poop shoot, good stuff like that. I am personally a fan of eating organs (and weird shit in general), so I was all over this idea, especially because I had always wanted to try heart.

That's the heart, on the left
My favorite was the intestines. It had a good texture and good flavor. Truth be told, everything was good. Everything had a very different texture, good textures. The heart was the firmest meat of them all, which I suppose makes sense. lol

Then, the real good stuff came out.
Look at that marbling. We threw it on the grill and it started to bubble and glisten.

When I bit into it, my teeth just sank right through it. It just melted away in my mouth. No where else have I ever eaten a piece of meat where my teeth just went right through. It was that tender. Kevin apparently had a religious experience eating it. 

After dinner we met up with some friends from the night before, and it was clear that we were all hurting. I think we're getting too old for this stuff. lol

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