Japan 2014 Day 2: Amemura

by - 12/05/2014

We decided to take it easy today after a long first day in Japan. We wandered around Ebisubashi-suji, Dotonbori, Loft,  and Don Quixote, where I got a crap ton of nail art things. 

I think I have a problem.
Afterwards, we headed to Ame-mura, which is a short walk from Shinsaibashi. It's noted as a hip place, with lots of clothing places, and lots of fashion. I loved seeing all the people in that area dressed in the many different clothing genres. Lots of gyaru, even a few lolitas (my faaavorite). The lamp posts in Ame-mura look like people holding balls of light, which are really cool. They're all painted differently by different artists, and at the base of the pole is a small placard showing who painted it.

I managed to take a picture of the most boring one in Ame-mura.
 There was also this really neat wall art that I just had to get an artsy fartsy picture with. I made Kevin stand across the street and get the best pic. lol

Then, I found an Eggs 'n Things! For those of you that don't know, Japan has a mega love affair with Hawaii. It's not unusual to find Hawaii-themed things in Japan. For example, we found a restaurant in Ame-mura that was Royal Hawaiian themed. It was pink, just like the hotel, had a surf board outside, and the staff was dressed in straw hats and aloha shirts. I wanted to take a picture, but there was a not-so-nice looking foreign shop staff standing outside. 

Anyway, Eggs 'n Things is located in Waikiki and is  favorite of both tourists and locals sine 1974. So much so, that they have opened in Japan! As far as I know, there is one in Osaka, and one in Tokyo (which I also came across this trip). The line here was extremely long, just like in Hawaii. I have personally never eaten there (I hate lines), but I hear it's pretty good. It was just a fun feel of home seeing this restaurant. 

During my research with Google maps, I found that there was a Putumayo and an Angelic Pretty in Ame-mura. I had always wanted to go to those stores and was super excited! I popped into Putumayo first, and saw a really soft, cute parka with kitty ears, but I decided not to buy it. The shop staff was adorable, and she let me take a picture of her. :3

Then I popped over to Angelic Pretty, which wasn't entirely exciting, and the staff wasn't all that nice. I didn't buy anything.

We popped into a cafe next to Angelic Pretty and decided to take a rest. My feet were killing me by then (but damn did they look good in my platforms lol).

Caramel Latte
Iced strawberry mocha latte
This restaurant, Cafe & Bar 23, had free WiFi, which was really nice. I also ordered an omurice because it occurred to me that I had never had one in Japan before. Check out this beauty!

It was pretty damn delicious and I ate that whole thing myself. Big fan of demi glace. Mmm...We tried to go back again, but the day we chose the cafe was closed. :( Looked like it was a pretty hip joint at night, too! 

We headed back to the hotel to rest up for the evening. Whenever I'm with Tricia, I know that the night will be long and full of alcohol and fun!

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