Japan 2014 Day 4: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

by - 12/19/2014

Last year we saw that Hogwarts castle was being built, and come to find out that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (henceforth referred to as HP) opened in July in Japan! So of course me and Kevin were definitely excited to go there, especially Kevin. We decided to go on a Monday because weekdays are not as crowded. That's the theory, anyway. That theory was proven wrong. 

Spotted Woody Woodpecker and his woman:

There were face painting stations along the street for people who wanted to get into the Halloween Spirit: 

And lots and lots of people in costume!

Personal favorite.
So anyway, we get in, and we head to the HP area, which is inside the park and not a separate park itself. I walk in, and we are immediately stopped. Turns out, you have to go change your tickets in a machine for HP, and because there were so many people, you had to wait. So we get to the machines, and we scanned our tickets. It then told you what time you would be able to get into the park: 8:00pm. Are you kidding me? It was 12:30 p.m.! And the park closes at 9:00 p.m.! Forget that! 

We sat down in the garden, dejected. We paid $64.00 for nothing, basically. There was no way were going to wait seven-and-a-half hours for only one hour of entertainment. Since we had already done the park on a previous day, we didn't want to stand in any more lines for any rides. We figured, might as well blow some money in the gift shop. And so we did. 

I ended up buying a robe, scarf and wand for myself. Ravenclaw, and Luna Lovegood's wand, thank you very much. Keivn got Sirius's wand, and we got some mugs and other things. At least we were able to buy HP merchandise, but I am still pretty bummed that we didn't get to experience the park itself. I really wanted to try some butterbeer. The disgusting part is, my friends went the very next day, and there was no line at all. They didn't have to wait at all, just walked on in. Turns out that on Monday's at USJ, they have "special events." I guess that would explain all the costumes and face painting and stuff. Wish I had known that in advance. I guess, until next time, I will just have to dream of butterbeer. 

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