[Jolse] Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack Review

by - 8/06/2017

I was graciously sent this mask by Jolse.com in exchange for an honest review. 

What's a bubble mask? It's a sheet mask, but 10x more fun than normal because it foams up on your face and leaves you looking like the cloud from the Pixar short Partly Cloudy. The Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack is a "carbonic deep cleansing, moisturizing and self massage system." According to the back of the package, "It is a mask pack developed by using the principle of carbonated water to generate bubbles on the skin surface. When attached to the face, it forms a fresh micro bubble to give self massage effect. By bubbling the various skin waste and old dead skin cell, deeply cleans to the inside of the pores, as well as gives a moisturizing after using it." Not the best English, but you get the gist of it.

On Jolse.com, the mask costs $7.63 for one. The instructions say to leave the mask on for three to five minutes, and then wash it off. If you're not a fan of sheet masks because you have to leave them on for so long, then this mask might be right up your alley since you really only need to leave it on for the length of a song. This mask can also be used to remove makeup, which I find interesting since I've never really had a mask that could do that. It's also said that you can use this mask as a cleanser, which is again different for me since I usually sheet mask after cleansing. 

How does it bubble?

Oxygen. Trapped oxygen slowly turns back into gas-like bubbles. Add in some foaming ingredients, and the mask bubbles up like soapy foam and stays on the mask. It works in the same way as carbonation in soda, for the most part. 

What does it do for my skin?

This is a point of contention. Some people claim that the bubbles get into your pores and pull out impurities, some claim that it introduces oxygen into your skin, which promotes production of collagen. Oxygen may also kill bacteria, thereby helping quell any acne breakouts. Again, there's really not a whole lot of evidence to prove any of these claims. Read a bit more about this on The Klog. 

What is in this mask?

Some of the ingredients include: matricaria flower oil, rosa centifolia flower oil, camellia japonica seed oil, rice bran oil, and avocado oil. 

Since this mask can be used as a cleanser, that's what I used it as first. 

Dirty face at the end of the day

The inside of the bag began bubbling as soon as I opened it. The mask smells nice, mild, nothing overly cloying and perfumey. 

The mask itself began bubbling as soon as I removed it from the packaging, and I found myself slightly panicking to unfold it because it was bubbling very quickly. I think it might have to do with the weather. It's very hot and humid here right now. 

Immediately after applying
Eventually, I got it open, and got it on my face. The mask immediately felt tingly on my face. It reminds me a lot of the Eliza Vecca Carbonated Bubble Clay mask, for obvious reasons. except the foam isn't as dense on this sheet mask. It foamed very quickly, which you can see below: 

One minute 

Two minutes

The mask fit well and covered my V-zone. While I had it on, it did feel slightly ticklish, and I could feel the little bubbles popping on my skin. Luckily, it didn't make me feel itchy, and it wasn't an uncomfortable tingling. It was pleasant. 

Five minutes 

The amount of foaming wasn't anything crazy. I think the Eliza Vecca mask foams way more than necessary, but this mask doesn't get too crazy, although you can see in the picture below that there is quite a lot of bubbling. 

I wondered what my actual skin would look like after removing the mask, considering all of the foaming appeared to be on the outside of the mask. But when I took the mask off, I saw a thin film of bubbles covering my skin. 

Outside of the mask

Inside of the mask that was on my skin
After removing the mask, I rinsed my face without really rubbing it in. My face felt slightly greasy afterwards. Almost like it didn't wash off completely, or like my face didn't get very clean. Despite that, it did feel refreshing. 

After mask

I tried it again a second time, again on a dirty face, but this time in the morning instead of the evening, at the beginning of my routine. when I removed it, I rubbed it on my face with water and washed it off. Doing this made my face feel much cleaner than the first time. 

Overall, I didn't think that there was any discernable difference between my face before and after. Yes, my face looked less greasy, but I don't feel that it really brightened my complexion or moisturized my face very much. I did not use this mask to remove any makeup, but I don't really see this working to remove a full face. If you do light makeup, it might be able to remove that, but I would still double cleanse. 


The Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack is a fun mask to use, and a nice place to start if you want to try a foaming mask. It does leave the face feeling clean, but not as clean as other foaming masks. It also didn't really do much to brighten or moisturize my skin. It's not bad for the price, but it's not something that I will be purchasing.

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