Beauteque June 1017 BB Bag

by - 8/31/2017

Total value: $68.96

The June Beauteque BB bag is themed "Life's a Beach." Appropriate for summer! 

The bag is super cute. I've been pretty pleased with the bags lately! 

Lador Perfect Hair Fill Up Ampoule ($3.00)

This product is for your hair, which is not a common product I usually get in these bags, but definitely not unwelcomed! This is a hair ampoule that "nourishes your hair with collagen, silk, keratin and ceramides." All great things! To use this, you add this to water at a ratio of 1:1. It is supposed to become a creamy consistency, and you apply that mixture to your hair and wait 20 - 30 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and style as usual. I haven't used this product yet because I have pretty greasy hair, and I'm unsure how it will react to this. 

Urban Dollkiss Urban City Azulence Urban City Azulene 10 degrees Change Essence ($10.99)

This is a cooling gel that you stick in the fridge (which you should do with all cooling gels, in my opinion, because it feels extra amazing). The fun thing about this one, though, is that it changes from clear to a deep blue when it reaches its optimal temperature (10 degrees)! This is meant for your face, but I don't see why you couldn't put it on other parts of your body. It contains azulene and heals damaged skin and reduces inflammation. This will be great all year round since it's always summer in Hawaii! 

The Tsaio Exfoliating Cream ($25.00)

You could have received a Jasmine Smoothing Exfoliating Cream, or an Ocean Deep Cleansing Cream. I got the jasmine. This scrub takes care of dry patches and reveals "smooth, glowing skin." It contains essential oils and plant extracts. This scrub is meant to be used all over your body, and works best in the shower. 

Urban Dollkiss Easylooks Soft Lipstick ($??)

So on the printout, it says I was supposed to receive the Wangskin Tattoo Lip Tint, valued at $11.99. But instead, I received this lipstick. I don't mind, though, because I've been wanting some more Urban Dollkiss products. It's a pretty lipstick, and is more pigmented than I thought. Nice shade for daytime and work! 

Yadah Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner (9.99)

This is a liquid eyeliner that comes with a fine brush tip. IT contains black bean, sesame, and brown rice extracts to "nourish the sensitive eye area." It sounds more like a meal than an eye liner, doesn't it? I feel like it's not really necessary to put those extracts in an eye liner, but I appreciate that it has ingredients that are beneficial. 

The liner itself is dark and pigmented and dries matte, which is a plus. I'm also able to get a fine line with it. 

Urbanlook Persian Cat Eye Mask – $7.99

This is a dedicated eye mask that comes in two parts: an eye essence, and a mask. It firms and moisturizes while you sleep. I'm saving this for a particularly rough day, for obvious reasons. 

Overall I really liked this bag! I was pleased with the makeup products, and the bag was really cute!

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