Japan Skin Haul

by - 7/20/2017

This is my one and only haul from Japan Skin because they are going out of business, sadly. I saw someone on Instragram say the bought some items from their closing sale, so I decided to check it out myself, and I indulged. 

I suppose it's kind of pointless to talk about shipping and stuff, but I'll do it anyway. I placed my order on June 5, it shipped on the same day, and it took nearly three weeks to get here. It came straight from Japan, so I was okay with it taking that long. It came in a nice red box and was stuffed with packing peanuts. 

The sale is ridiculous. As in, ridiculously cheap. It was about 80% off, which is insane. I was able to get Canmake items for about what I'd buy it for in actual Japan. Crazy! 

It also came with a freebie! Tooth brush sheets! I haven't opened the package yet, but it appears to be like wet naps for your teeth, instead of a brush. Neat concept, I'll definitely be trying it. 

THIS. Diamond Lash brand lash adhesive is my favorite lash glue in the world. On oahu at Don Quijote, it's maybe between $5.00 - $8.00 for one (last time I looked). I managed to get them for $9.37 for a pack of three. WHAT! 

I also got some adorable blotting papers and lip balm. I have no idea what this brand is, I just got it because it was cute and really cheap. These are blotting papers, but I thought it was really neat because there is a puff, which is sticky, so when you open the pack it picks up a sheet of blotting paper. That way, you don't have to struggle to get a sheet out, and you have something to hold on to when you blot your face. I got three packs so I could give away as gifts (but let's face it, I'll probably keep it for myself, who am I kidding). I use it often, and it absorbs oil nicely like any other blotting paper. 

Look at this packaging. It says puro puro lip cream, whatever that means. 


I'm not sure I'd call it a cream. It's definitely more like a balm. 

Hello, Canmake! I love Canmake products. They're an adorable drugstore brand that is actually decent. I took a chance and got a tinted powder, and luckily it seems to match my skin well enough. 

This is the Marshmallow Finish Loose Face Powder, with SPF, which is pretty much the main reason I got it ($9.37).  Inside is a mirror under the cap, and a standard puff covering the holes for the loose powder. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that. 

I also got a matte blush ($7.19)...

And a highlighter ($7.19). I got it in a blue shade because I don't really have an everyday blue highlight. I'm not sure blue could be used for everyday, though, but there you go. There was also a glowy blush, but I didn't see it at the time. Ah well, it's not like a need another blush. 

The store is still up and running, and there are still some products left. If you want to snag some Japanese skincare and makeup, get there fast and get it while it lasts! 

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