Beauteque May 2017 BB Bag

by - 7/13/2017

May's BB Bag is themed May Flowers. First and foremost, can we talk about the bag? Cutest bag I've ever received from Beauteque! Of course I forgot to take a picture of it, though. I always forget to snap a picture of the bags. 

Total value: Just under $69.00

It's Skin My Bottle Vita Soothing Gel ($20.99) 

You could get either Vita-P Grape or Vita-K Kale, and I got grape. This particular one contains grape and paprika extracts enriched with "vitamin P" to nourish your skin. It is a moisturizer that also firms. I have never heard of vitamin P in my life and I feel like someone just made that up. If anyone knows what that is, let me know in the comments section. I love getting cooling gels because I like to use them on hot days, and of course when I inevitably get sun burned at the beach. This one feels nice and dries down quickly. I'm just not a big fan of the bottle because it's a bit awkward to squeeze. It looks like it should have a wide mouth, but it's just a tiny hole to squeeze out of. 

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher ($10.00)

I was verrrrryy excited to get an Etude House makeup product! I mean, look at it. It's super adorable. But unfortunately this product was a bust for me. The shade I got was #2 Strawberry Choux (such a cute name), but when I put it on my face and it literally looked like I just smudged cornstarch on my cheeks. So bummed. The puff is also very awkward to use because there is nothing to really hold on to. You can't really grab the bow easily. Le sigh. 

Lindsay Lavender Modeling Mask ($6.00)

This product contains lavender, which helps detoxify the skin and gently lift dead skin cells away. This product came in a cup with a lid and a scooper, so all you had to do was add water to the container. It even has a lid! I was excited to use this product, but again, it was a bust! It was definitely because of user error, though. I didn't move fast enough and it just gummed up so quickly. I got two smears on my cheeks and that was it. Oh well, at least I can use the container again for my other modeling mask! 

Tsaio Camellia Wash-Remove Oil Mousse ($16.99)

This is an "oil mousse" cleanser that contains amino acids and moisturizing oil. This is a face wash that removes makeup, and also removes oils from your face, and may even help any acne issues. I don't know what an oil mousse is. It just seems like a standard foaming cleanser to me. It smells alright, and it does make my face feel really clean without a squeaky feeling, unlike another Tsaio cleanser that I have. Nothing amazing, but a decent product. 

Peripera Speedy Eyebrow Auto Pencil ($8.00)

Flat, wide tip

Useless spooly 
The color matches me, but I find the product to be kind of waxy and stiff. It takes a bit of pressure to use which tugs at the skin, which I don't like, and can be damaging to the skin. And don't even bother using the spooly. The bristles are so soft they just skate right over your brow hairs and don't blend out the product at all. 

Shimeiyi Oval Face Brush ($6.99)

Obviously, I did not take this photo of this brush. But let me tell you why I don't have a photo of it. I took it out of the packaging and ran my finger over it to feel it, and the bristles started to fall out. Every time I swiped my finger through the bristles, more bristles would fall out. It was awful. And it wasn't one or two hairs. It was a LOT of hairs, every time I ran my finger over it. I wasn't even going to bother putting it on my face, and I was so annoyed that I just threw it in the trash. So, that's why I don't have a picture of it. 

I wanted to love all of these products, but most of them just didn't do it for me. If the blush was in a different color it would have worked for me, and if I wasn't an idiot and knew how to use a modeling mask, I probably would have enjoyed it. It wasn't all the bag's fault. It's not the bag, it's me...partially. Did these products work for you? What did you like best?

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