This Weeks Nails: Halloween Mishmash

by - 10/24/2016

Okay. So what I really wanted to do was to do a red and black gradient, and I've never been able to really achieve a nice gradient with gels. I saw a video that said you could do it if you laid down a color and blotted another on top of it, so I laid down a red, and planned on blotting black on my tips. Well, that didn't work. At all. So I was left with a red nail. Decided to go with it and just do a reverse blood drop color. The rest of the nails I just kind of made things up. Glitter on one, spider web on another, and a pearl spider on my middle finger. That finger is my favorite. I also tried a matte gel top coat I bought, and I looooooove it! Gonna be use it a lot in my upcoming nail designs! 

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