This Week's Nails: Playing with Nail Foils

by - 10/06/2015

Japanese nail art instagrams that I follow always use a lot of nail foils and a lot of glass paper. I can't find any glass paper anywhere (it's basically just cellophane), but I got some nail foils in a huge Born Pretty Store haul, and I couldn't wait to use it! I ordered the adhesive as well, but it was not included in my order (along with a bunch of other things...). But it's okay because, since gel is sticky, it adhered alright without the adhesive. 

I wanted to use some silver with these huge rhombus nail rhinestones that I got, but it looked really plain with just silver. I added a pink, and it really turned it up a notch! I really like the nail stud too.

I couldn't help myself, so I tried out a darker look on my toes. I used regular nail polish, which I found was a lot more adhesive than gel. I used a rainbow holigraphic on straight black polish, and the results were amaaazing! Look at this! 

I didn't bother putting a top coat on the toes because I didn't want to detract from the metallic shine of the foil. Overall I really love foils (although they are not always easy to work with...I tried them on my friend and it was a disaster), and I'll definitely be practicing more in the future!

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