Street Burger

by - 10/23/2015

A new place called Street Burger opened up in Wailua recently in the old Mema's. This place has classic burgers as well as more creative burgers, and boasts a huge list of beers on tap. Prior to this place opening, the only other place you could get such a wide selection was Kalapaki Joe's, and honestly, it gets really boring after a while. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if Street Burger's beer menu changed frequently, which would be really awesome. 

We decided to check this place out for lunch, thinking it wouldn't be as busy as dinner time. It wasn't packed, but that's not to say that it was empty. There were a good amount of people there for lunch, and the flow of customers was steady. The first thing that struck me when I walked in was the look of the place: industrial, hip, and clean. I felt like I walked into some place on Oahu or some other city. It doesn't feel like Kauai, and that's nice. 

The bar area had a large classroom chalkboard with all the beers they currently had. If you look below, you can see all the taps, with the beer names written in chalk, again making me think that their beer changes often. 

My favorite thing, aesthetically, were the mismatched light bulbs.

This restaurant also boasts an open kitchen with three chefs working today.

 Another fun surprise? Coke in a bottle! Makes me think of Japan.

The menu comes on a clipboard, and there are a lot of things to choose from. The french fries and onion rings can come in many different flavors, which is really cool. We settled on the Texas poutine (because how can I say no to poutine?), and Kevin got the Bacon and BBQ burger whereas I got the Rancher. 

I know the menu said that this comes topped with chili, but it was less of a chili than it was just really good, braised meat that was really soft and delicious. I really liked it, and the runny egg was a nice touch. My only complaint is that it could have used more cheese.

These burgers are stacked. Literally. Look at the size of this thing! The burger buns are grilled, which is a nice touch, and all burgers come with french fries and homemade (you heard me) ketchup. All burgers come done medium rare, unless you state otherwise, and the bottom of the menu states that there are no substitutions, so you get what you get.

Bacon & BBQ


There was so. Much. Food. And it was so incredibly good. My burger had tomato jam (whaaaaat?), which was nice and sweet, but I never got sick of it because the spicy arugula really mellowed the flavor out. The Gruyere was thick and melty, and the beef in these burgers are 100% Kauai beef. I imagine that's the reason these burgers are slightly pricey. Some of them are upwards of $20.00. But you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that because these are really, really delicious burgers, and they support local farmers. 

Other small things that I liked: dish towels. You don't get a napkin, you get a dish towel. Which prevents you from using a million napkins, because these burgers get messy. There's really no graceful way to eat this. You just have to stuff your face. There is outside seating, complete with ceiling fans, although I've heard that if mosquitoes like you, you might not want to sit outside. I also liked that the main dining area wasn't cramped, and the bathroom, although only one toilet, was very spacious. Another thing? Ample parking. Always a plus. The service was decent; attention to beverages, and they didn't hover. 

If you like burgers and you like beer (which should be everyone), then you'll really like this place. It's slightly pricey for burgers, but it's quality food that is inventive, fun and delicious, and well worth it. There is no shortage of really nice restaurants on Kauai, but it's great to finally be able to go to a nice place that isn't going to break the bank. 

Street Burger
4-369 Kuhio Highway
Kapa'a, Hawaii 96746
Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Saturday 

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