This Weeks Nails: Halloween Round One!

by - 10/19/2015

So, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before, but yeah. I love Halloween. More than my own birthday, more than Christmas. I love costumes, dressing up, wigs, everything! And for me, Halloween kicks off my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!

This was my first year doing Halloween gel nails, and I found a lot of inspiration on the Instagram's that I follow. But the majority of those designs are really, really complicated! So I decided to keep it really simple, and at the same time experiment with making my own glitter gel. 

All I did was take a bit of clear builder gel and mix it with glitter. I put it on my ring finger, and that was three coats. It was really easy to make and easy to work with, and came out nice and smooth. A little gel goes a long way! 

Someone on /r/redditlaqueristas said that my design reminded them of Luna from Sailor Moon, and now I can't unsee it! I love Sailor Moon (it's my favorite childhood anime), so I'm stoked that these kind of channel that. 

Stay tuned next week for Halloween nails round two!

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