This Week's Nails: Sharpie Nails

by - 9/15/2015

I've heard about the sharpie method recently, and I thought it was the coolest idea! It just so happens I have like 50 million sharpies from college in every color you can think of, so of course I had to try it. The possibilities are endless! It seems super simple, a fun and quick way to get an impressive looking manicure. Check out a tutorial here:

Neat, right? So I tried it on some falsies. I found that using regular acetone worked better than using alcohol, but I think that's because my alcohol is only like 71%. I think if you had a stronger alcohol, at least 90%, it would work fine. 

Then, feeling confident, I decided to try it on my friend/guinea pig! She wanted cats on her nails, so I added a couple.

And then, of course, I had to do it on myself!

Kept it ocean themed. I highly recommend trying this out, its really fun and really simple!

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