Osaka 2015 Day 9: Last Day in Osaka

by - 9/18/2015

On our last day in Osaka, we checked out of our hotel and left our luggage there before heading to my friend's apartment. It was pretty humid and hot by this point, so we wanted to be able to shower before heading out to the airport. My friend was kind enough to give us the key to  her apartment so we could do just that. We walked over there (not too far from our hotel), dropped off our bags, and then headed out to have lunch with our other friend. He took us to this place called Manen Ramen, which had THE BOMB food. 

Look at this. It's fried rice under that delicious bacony egg. 

Then, the ramen. The broth was amazing, the char sui was to die for, and the braised pork was heavenly. It left you lips feeling sticky, like a good ramen should! 


After we were done, we stopped at Daiso and Don Quixote, to get some last minute omiyage. We said farewell to our friend, and headed back to the apartment to cool off in the AC, shower, and repack some things. 

BTW, check out this Pizza Hut menu from Japan. 

Crab and Potato? Eggplants and meat sauce?? Cheesy pockets??? SAUSAGE CRUST???? I think Japan has out-America'd America. 

Anyway, we said farewell to our friend as we caught her right as we were leaving, and headed to the hotel to get our bags and go to the airport. It was our first time flying out of KIX, and I must say I was kind of disappointed with the offerings in there. There's not many shops or places to eat, like at Haneda. 

But honestly, at this point, I just wanted to go home. I couldn't sleep on the flight (what's new?), but I was looking forward to the best airplane food I ever had...the loco moco! 

I didn't get to take a pic of it last year, but here it is. It doesn't look like much, but it's damn tasty. And that's the end of our trip. I'm not sure if or when we will go back again. I know some of my friends want to go in March, and I'd love to travel with them, but money is really tight right now, so we'll play it by ear. I'd love to be able to see some cherry blossoms though, and be in some nice chilly weather...but like I said, we'll see. I feel like I've definitely seen what I really wanted to see in Osaka, and I'd love to go back to Tokyo again because there are things there that I didn't get to see at all (Tsukiji Fish Market, Asakausa, Kamakura, Cat Street, etc.). But I'd also love to see Hokkaido too, other places I've never been. I definitely haven't lost my love for Japan. I'm sure we will be back again!

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