Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Review

by - 9/01/2015

I don't know why I didn't get any of these when I was in Japan and I regretted it. But luckily my sister went in June, so I gave her some yen and a list of what I wanted. I really wanted the Forever Juicy Oil Rouge because they are so damn cute! 

Jill Stuart's website describes these as: "Popping color and rich luster combine. Oil rouge that brings you lips like fresh fruit."

They certainly got the fresh fruit part right! The packaging looks like a berry that's just been plucked from a bush. It really gives that feeling of freshness. The lip glosses contain "beauty essences" which include fermented cherry extract, Argane oil, Lychee honey, Peach kernel oil, Apricot oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado oil, and Strawberry extract (moisturizer).

I got the following (from left to right):

03 peach saunter: A peach pink, sweetly rustling in the breeze

05 apricot dream: Vermillion red, like a lustrous apricot

06 mango swing: Milky orange, like a melting mango

Now, those are the descriptions right from the website. It's pretty inflated, as are the product details. I thought about putting them in here too, but man it was ridiculous reading it. In keeping with the flowery theme, I guess, they said things like, "Liquid rouge that realizes brilliant color, rich luster and the moisturizing power of a beauty oil, all in a single product. Fruity, juicy color that lasts."

I can't get over how cute this design is. Clearly, it is impossible to stand these babies upright. So that makes for some storage issues. Currently, they're laying on a tray in my bathroom. Not sure where else I can put them. The silver handle is made of lightweight plastic, again, like the lipsticks, feeling kind of cheapy for the price of the product (around $23.00 USD). 

So as you can see, when you unscrew it, the whole decorative part is attached to the handle. That actually makes application a little annoying. I found that, unless I angled it a certain way, the plastic rim part would touch my lips, especially when doing my upper lip. What is nice about the annoying applicator is that when you pull it out, it kind of suctions in the bottle, so you don't get a lot of product at once. I like that because that way I don't end up wasting, or putting too much. 

Here are some swatches: 

The color looks very pigmented, a lot more pigmented than I thought they would be, considering how lightly pigmented the lipsticks are. Here's how they look on my lips. I just want to say...Please excuse the shoddy application, especially on the last lips. I don't know what the heck happened there. I had surgery on my left hand (dominant hand), so putting on lip gloss was a bit of a challenge. I guess I kind of gave up by the time I got to the last color. lol

Peach Saunter
Apricot Dream
Mango Swing
Look how pigmented those glosses are! That's without any lipstick base. I'm really impressed by that, I wasn't expecting that at all. The gloss is thick, definitely not what I thought especially considering this product is called "oil rouge." I kind of half expected it to feel like Lip Smackers gloss, kind of runny. It doesn't really feel that oily, but truth be told it's not as thick as the Canmake gloss that I got, which is significantly cheaper. But you know what? I like that. It's like the perfect balance of thickness, and it doesn't have a funky smell the way MAC glosses do.

Staying power is better than I thought it would be. the lipsticks do not have very good staying power, but these glosses survived an entire shave ice and a beverage with a straw. I doubt they would survive a burger or something like that, but overall not bad.

So here's my verdict:

- Cute packaging
- Good pigmentation
- Good staying power

- Awkward applicator
- Hard to obtain
- Expensive
- Awkward packaging that is difficult to store

I mean really, my cons list is basically just small nitpicky things. I really like these glosses, they're probably my favorite that I have owned. 

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