Japan 2013: Travel Back to Hawaii

by - 11/25/2013

After we trekked around Harajuku and Akihabara, Kevin and I headed back to the hotel and got our luggage. We then caught an airport bus that picked us up at our hotel, to Haneda Airport. I heard that Narita Airport was more impressive than Haneda, but I found it to be pretty impressive in its own right. It was very clean, and it was also decked out for Christmas. 

The Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter wasn't open when we got there, and we ended up having to wait for almost an hour. Once it opened up, we checked in and took our luggage with us in a cart to the checkpoint. Japanese checkpoints are not like American ones. They are a little more lax, although I can't remember if I took my shoes off or not. I don't think I did. 

Once you were passed the checkpoint, there was an area that was full of shops and restaurants. It was made to look like a street you'd see anywhere in Japan with stores and restaurants. Very cute!

Kevin and I decided to eat in a Sukiyaki restaurant that was very, very nice. The staff was helpful, and there was even a place to park your luggage cart outside. They even covered our bags with a cloth for privacy!

The airport directory was really cool. It was in English, and it was touch screen!

Kevin and I were really impressed with the duty free shops. I have to share a story that Kevin will probably hate me for sharing. Before we went to Japan, he was trying to quit smoking. He had gotten and e-cig, and by the time we left to Japan, he was on zero nicotine. The second we got off the airplane, he wanted a cigarette. Everyone smokes in Japan, and they're really accommodating to smokers here. Restaurants have smoking sections, theme parks have smoking sections, even the airport had a room for smokers. 

When Kevin saw how cheap a carton of cigarettes was at the duty free store ($28.00), he bought two. For a price comparison, a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights costs about $9.00. A carton of them costs around $80.00 from Costco. Kevin got two cartons for less than what he would pay for one carton. Even the passengers who were on our flight were asking about the cartons and were astonished by how cheap they were. I'm not saying to start smoking, but just trying to give you a comparison for prices. 

I'm going to share a gross fact with you. I was completely disgusting by the time we reached the airport. I we had walked around the city all day. I had no tooth brush on me, nothing to wash my face with, no dry shampoo to freshen up, nothing. I tried washing my face in the bathroom, but that helped me in no way whatsoever. I felt sweaty and just overall gross. I don't think I even had any perfume on me. DO NOT let that happen to you! Bring things to freshen up with.

When I was in the bathroom, when I walked in, there was a girl in the middle of brushing her teeth. I spent a good five minutes in the bathroom at the sink, and she brushed her teeth the whole time. When I left, she was STILL Brushing her teeth. She must have really, really enjoyed dental hygiene.

We rode the same airplane back to Oahu. There wasn't a real meal like we had going to Japan, but we did get a small bento.

It was a bento to assemble your own spam musubi! It had the spam and rice and nori separate, and even included eggs and gari.

It was sad to come back to warm weather, and it was sad to leave Japan. But Kevin and I were pretty exhausted by the time we got to the end of our trip. Kevin was exhausted by the time we got to Tokyo, to tell you the truth. And no matter how many activities I tried to cram into our day, we didn't get to see everything that we wanted to see. But the trip was fantastic and I wouldn't change it for the world. It was a very memorable honeymoon, and I will never forget it.

Truth be told, Kevin and I enjoyed Japan so much, we are going back again in October 2014. I can't wait! And I can't wait to share with you the new places we explore!

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