Ninja Akasaka

by - 11/24/2013

My friend Aldrine told me that I had to go to a ninja restaurant while I was in Japan. So I found one called Ninja Akasaka,which was not too far from our area. We decided to eat there at the last minute, and I asked my concierge to make a reservation for me. The earliest we could get one was at 9:00 pm, but we took it anyway. 

The place is very non-discreet and almost unnoticeable, as a ninja should be. It was just a black facade with a small plaque that said Ninja Akasaka. When we entered, we were led to our table by a ninja, who led us through a ninja training course to our table. This course contained waterfalls, caves, and even a draw bridge which was lowered using jutsu (rin pyo to sha kai jin retsu zai ZEN)! It was really fun. Each party got their own private dining area, which was tiny and kind of claustrophobic, like a jail cell. They even closed a slatted door on you when they weren't serving you. 

Kevin and I started our night with a couple of pints of beer. 

The internet recommended that you order a set course, which had about seven items, and that is what we did. I can't remember what set I got, but Kevin got the set that had Wagyu beef as the main course. 

Chestnut mont blanc, but not really! It was savory.
Nabe assembled and cooked at the table
Wagyu beef
Kevin let me try his beef, and it was the most tender and delicious meat I have ever had. It just melted away in your mouth. Steak has forever been ruined for the both of us. Every time we eat steak, we always lament, "It's not Wagu." 

Kevin and I both got sushi with our dinner. Kevin does not eat sushi, but was feeling adventurous. He actually ate the red snapper, I believe. But he didn't like it, simply because he does not like the texture of raw fish. I mopped the rest of his sushi like a pig. 

During our dinner, another ninja approached our table, and entertained us with magic tricks! I wasn't allowed to take any pictures or video of him sadly, but he was great fun. He stayed for about 10 minutes and performed tricks for me and Kevin, and we tipped him when he was done, which was the only time we ever tipped in Japan.

Our waitress was very, very nice. She made small talk with us, and through conversation found out we were from Hawaii and were here for our honeymoon. We didn't think anything of the information that we gave her, and when she came to take a picture of us, we didn't think anything of that either.

After dinner, she and three other servers surprised us with poppers, yelled, "Happy honeymoon!" and brought us this dessert!

The waitress gave us an adorable card, and in it was the picture she took of us! It was such a nice, personal touch. Kevin and I felt really, really special.

When we were led out of the restaurant, we exited onto the street, and suddenly, our waitress jumped out and unrolled a scroll:

Someone in that restaurant really loves Hawaii! They even knew the proper thing to write! Kevin and I were really impressed by the service here, it was top notch. We were also really impressed by the food. The restaurant is a little bit gimmicky, considering that everyone is dressed like a ninja, but don't let that fool you. The food is great. The entertainment is great. The service is incredible. Definitely go here! 

Tips for Ninja Akasaka: 
  • Make your reservation either earlier in the day, or the day before, so you are able to eat dinner at a decent hour. 

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