678 Hawaii

by - 7/06/2014

I love yakiniku. But I wanted to eat something other than Camellia Buffet, so we checked out this hip new joint called 678 Hawaii. Well, it wasn't THAT new. I think it's been around for like, three years? I'm not sure. This is a Korean-style yakiniku place, not Japanese. It's located on Kapiolani Blvd., right by the intersection with Atkinson Drive, near Ala Moana Center. This place is super popular. I think we waited like half an hour, and there was a massive line the whole time. 

Parking is a little confusing. There is a paid parking lot behind Rockza (the strip club lol), but you don't have to pay! Just park in the section that says "parking for 678" and you are golden. 

Since there were four of us, we opted for one of those set meal thingies that feeds a group. We picked the mostly pork option that had different cuts of pork like pork belly and jowl. Once you order, they bring you a plethora of foods! Lots of banchan, and they even bring you two different chigae. The only weird thing about that is they dont give you any bowls for that. So you kind of end up all eating out of the same chigae bowl. GOOD THING WE'RE FRIENDS!

Beef tongue

Pork belly
Kimchi Chigae
Pork jowl

The food was great, but don't eat here if you are in a rush. I think the total eating time in there for us was like two hours. The waiter comes and grills and cuts up all the meat for you, so you don't have to do anything other than stuff your face with meat. Pretty awesome. They also have beer, so drink up! What's yakiniku without alcohol? Definitely check this place out

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