International Car Show 2014

by - 7/13/2014

I was never a car person. Not until I started dating Kevin, and I discovered Top Gear. When I was in college, my guy friends watched Top Gear a lot. It's not like I had never heard of the show, but I just had no interest in cars, and therefore no interest in watching the show. When I started dating Kevin, that all changed. One day I was at his house, and he put on an episode that just happened to be on TV. It was the Bolivia episode, where the guys had to get through the jungles of Bolivia all the way to the Pacific Coast in second hand 4 wheel drive vehicles. I thought the challenge was interesting, but it wasn't until this scene that I was completely hooked: 

I died laughing, and I was completely hooked on the show. But it wasn't  just the comedy that hooked me, I actually started to really get into cars. Now, cars are something that me and Kevin love together. I was having a hard time at work, and I saw that the car show was coming up and I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a nice break. I wanted to see some exotics really badly, especially Maseratis! I love Maseratis. 

What I didn't realize about the car show is that you could actually get into the cars, sit in them, and check them out. There were actual dealers there, and if you wanted to buy a car, you could do so! Well, not at the actual car show, but you could make arrangements with them. The Jaguar guy was trying to sell an F-Type to Kevin. lol 

There weren't a whole lot of exotics, and you definitely couldn't sit in them. They belonged to actual people, and were on loan specifically for the show. My friend's friend loaned his Ferrari 458 and for the duration of the show was loaned a different exotic car, I think it was a Maserati. That's pretty cool. 

I'm just going to leave you with a photo bomb of cars now: 

Bentley Continental (I think)

So there was a lady at the Mercedes section, and we were checking out the C class because Kevin and I were seriously thinking about getting one. They are cheap (about the same price as a Honda Accord), and it was a sedan. But when we saw the back seat, we were disappoitned to see that there was no way it would fit a full sized adult. Kevin talked to the woman, and she had a bit of an attitude problem. She says, "This is a sport coupe. Just because it has four doors does not mean it is a sedan." Oh really, lady? Because I thought that's what sedan meant. She then went on to brag that she has sold many of these, and sold three on Kauai (where me and Kevin are from). She couldn't remember the name of the guy that services these cars, and I laughed because the guy that does the servicing is my own cousin. 

Jaguar XJ? XK? I can never remember.

Porsche something. They're all the same.
My buddies
Dodge Challenger in a questionable color
Maserati Quattro Porte!! Favorite car!!!

Ferrari FF
Ferrai 458

Lamborghini Aventador 

Lexus LFA in a hideous color.
There was a section full of classics, and you could vote for which one was your favorite!

This one was my favorite. Love that color!
Check out the license plate lol


It was a fun experience, and I'm glad we went! Maybe we will go again next year, and maybe there will be more exotics to gawk at!

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